Orisa Star Sheep skin bug

Apparently you are invisible on your screen where you cant see your gun while wearing this skin.

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maybe the same bug of sojourn cyberdetective?

Yes but they haven’t acknowledged the problem yet

Why would they, you already gave them money.

There are more important things that need to be fixed.

I don’t think Blizzard puts bug fixes as a priority. Even ones that severely impact the hero.

I don’t know if it’s a staff problem, or tied to the monetization, maybe just simple incompetence. But the speed at which we’re getting fixes for this game is ridiculous.


It would be nice to get kirikos skin fixed already .


I think the color change to a more direct one, without purple shades, was done on purpose.

however I find it unfair that, with the prices too high, there is no proposal for a refund after this very direct aesthetic change.

i want it fixed they should at least have said no they changed the design, they didnt tell me that so im led to believe its still a bug.

And if they can fix this bug with orsia then they can fix this bug with kirko keep the same energy blizzard ive been asking for 4+ Months now