Open queue appears to have no MMR tied to it

Or at least it’s loose.

I’ve placed two accounts so far—one was 3600 and I placed 3800 with 6W/4L. The other one was 2200 in role queue and I placed 3450 with 6W/4L. I’ve gone 5-0 in placements on gold accounts and still placed gold. You don’t go up 1000 SR in placements on a previously placed account.

Just thought I’d pass this along.


Did you play when it was in arcade? I think they’re pulling from stats in that, so anyone who didn’t have stats in the arcade version would be like playing on fresh placements. Hence large sr movements based on the initial games.

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My placements are close to each other. I played in arcade and ranked down so it is close to where I left it

Maybe they should add backfill then.

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It’s a wider mmr band than RQ, and that makes sense. More variance between player accounts when they have access to a full roster. Outcomes are harder to rig (i.e. keeping matches fair-like and close/engaging). Result is just looser mmr but fast queues. You take your chances and rise/fall against this wider backdrop of skill.

Personally I think it’s great, and I’m doing much better than I ever could under RQ. The higher skillcap, more creative freedom, and insta-queues let me actually work on my mains.

I would have liked a proper reset/seeding/placements. They just pulled any comp arcade (e.g. CTF) back for S1/S2 and started people there. But if there ever was an enjoyable mode to grind it’s OQ. No more 222 spoonfeeding.

It would be a great place to test backfill. Implement it per round. If people stick it out until round’s end, toss them a backfiller and give that person a lootbox or something.

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No thanks, lol. Throw that garbage in RQ.

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Good point, just recalled leaver disruptions are shorter in OQ. You can leave within 30 sec and get on with another game because short queue times.

I had 9/1 in Season 1 Open Queue and was placed in mid-Plat. I had 8/2 in Season 2 Open Queue and was placed in high-Plat. I had 7/3 in Season (current) 3 Open Queue and was placed in very high-Plat.

I had a weird game on my alt where I got put into a masters game after 6-7 straight wins, but I lost that and went back into diamond games straight after

I’ve never played above low diamond on it before

I really like Open Queue. It feels like how the game was meant to be played. Also, the entire MMR and Matchmaking system feels less oppressive.

In role queue, it feels like the system is deciding your rank. In Open Queue, it feels like YOU have more control over it because you’re free to play any hero in any situation, which i think leads to more carry potential. I guess in Open Queue, it feels like you have more impact across the board.

Way more fun, to me. I’m really glad Blizzard decided to bring Open Queue back to “official” Comp. I hope it continues.

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Yeah I kept playing and won something like 18 of 20 games in diamond/masters and a few low GM games. That’s usually my win rate in like gold. DPS not working I can go triple tank. Not getting healed I can go hog.

Went Sombra only 4-6. Placed 300 sr higher than normal role queue. Definitely no MMR tied to it.