🔧 ₮ⱧɆ ⱤɄ₴₮Ɏ ₮ØØⱠ ฿ØӾ ~ The place where Bastion mains and players come to talk about Bastion, and wait for him to have his problems get fixed

You Bastion mains oughta just ignore him. Shunning a basic kit in the crusade for ‘skill’ and ‘hard work’ shuns the foundation the latter’s built by in the first place.

Oh noes! He thinks this is personal…

Seems i struck a nerve.

Please do stay on topic, as you seem to only be replying to myself, which would make this very personal…

This is about Bastion, yes?
Chop chop.


I can only speak for myself but I never jump on the ship at any stage and that’s before Kolorblind told me not to.

Unless you’re playing a super clued in comp who smothers you in shields n heals everyone knows to focus the Bastion on the cart. It just makes it way too predictable where you are and the continual advancement of the payload just forces yourself to be surrounded and attacked from all sides.

All I’ll say is I miss the old mega thread now


I’m only replying to people who’ve addressed me :slight_smile:.

I’m more than happy to give an overview of my thoughts on Bastion again if you’d like, but I find it redundant as the information is readily available above to be consumed at your convenience.

And i’m more than happy to give my views on the hero…

Here you go.
{💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored}

“Please stay on topic”

Easy to say when you aren’t the one who checked back on a thread that you helped create for literal years in hope of something new.

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uhh yes he does, and even if the meta makes it more difficult, it’s still an exploitable design that should not exist in this state

Yes you’re right in theory, but the design of the map makes it really difficult to either engage directly on Bastion, or break his shield before dying. That’s why Bastion isn’t very good on all payload maps, but terribly strong on Junkertown
I believe Kolor still mostly plays on the payload on this map because it’s difficult to counter, but the current meta helps a lot against Bastion honestly

Edit: Junkertown doesn’t have any good flank route and very litte cover that isn’t super far from the payload road

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My views are actually somewhere on there already, granted probably not under this account. Everything that could be said was already said there. I recall some of my rework ideas being relatively liked. I’ve offered some ideas here as well, but people are far too emotional to continue an actual discussion.

Honestly i just want to be able to actually play the hero i spent nearly 200 hours learning everything about in game, let alone the years i spent having real discussion surrounding it.

But what do i know?!

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That’s the thing if you’re lucky enough to get clued in allied providing such prompt shields, then you’re as likely to be against a comp that’s really good at breaking shields.

And you can’t exactly hang around the cart waiting for Orisa to deploy a shield on the cart and THEN get behind the shield. There’s like 20 things wrong with that which are far more likely to get you fragged than if you attempted other things like pseudo-flanks and fall-back fire support.

Again, if everyone on your team is super organised and they all immediately pushed onto the cart, it’s possible to get that to work against a disorganised team.

But there’s so much an equally organised team can disrupt them even getting on the payload.

This largely depends on what you consider a good enough flank route.

Bastion flanking is a contentious issue as it seems the idea of flanking is tied in with a lot of other ideas.

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Alright folks, I think it’s time to move on ! You can’t have a constructive debate with everyone. Sometimes your opinions are just not compatible, and that’s okay.

We now need to move the discussion to another focus, like the “extremeliness” of Bastion, who is either very hard to get value of, or fairly easy to get value of

I feel for you, really I do. But Bastion’s entire kit needs some real attention, not just to make him work, but to balance him out. He already has the perk of pubstomping newcomers because his skill floor is so low.

I think that’s part of a larger problem that has just been a larger impact on Bastion than others. I think skill floors across the board need to be addressed, and some skill ceilings as well (Bastion among them).

As long as you know how your own hero works…

You can, and i quote… look at the Bastion, hold M1, and survive using your other abilities, 90% of the time.

No matter if you’re new to the game or not…

If you’re brand new and don’t even know what abilities you have? Sure, you’ll die to everything… that’s just how that works.

And does not make for any kind of argument balance wise.

“If i’m ignorant i have less impact against it”
Should never ever be used to judge a hero’s impact on the game.

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Isn’t that kind of a sign of poor design…?

Junkrat and Pharah are the only characters able to damage shields without getting exposed, and they are both 1) bad, and 2) not enough to break a 900 HP shield every 8 seconds
Every other character has to manage to break the shield, while getting shredded by Bastion, because the map geography doesn’t allow good close-range fights

I don’t understand this part, are you referring to the beginning of an attack round ?

No actually I was talking about flank routes against Bastion. Widowmaker can’t have a good LoS, and the map is very open and very narrow at the same time. You are restricted to limited areas, with almost no way around it

You’re constantly contradicting yourself.

What about the low skillfloor for everyone AGAINST Bastion of how Sentry mode is totally immobile? All the newcomers who never learned to lead their shots or track a moving target have an easy time on Bastion.

Yea, it is! As in, the hero is weak

You cannot claim it has poor design, and yet is “too strong” At the same time.

You can’t have it both ways, bud.

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I literally just said that low skill floors are a problem that have an impact larger than just Bastion.

Well they don’t have to, whatever else happens once that shield is down 6x enemy teammates is going to be opening fire on Bastion like that scene from Predator:

They don’t have to do it every 8 seconds.

Any time.

Where did I say he was too strong? He is too weak. That’s because his skill floor is so low that he has to be weak or he’s completely busted, like Bastion god before the Ironclad nerf. What he needs is a method of using his sentry in a strategic fashion (which is why I had the idea of putting it on a resource pool and giving him more damage options while in Sentry).