One tricking questions


Well thank you kind sir :slight_smile:


One tricking is soft throwing basically.


This is the fun part. The line is blurry on each end. But technically their is no line if nobody knows.


Your example is like when you’re a kid and someone is playing on the monkey bars and you can’t tell on him because he’s allowed to, so instead you tell on him for hogging it and not letting anyone else take a turn.

Your example is literally just trying to find a loophole to find a way to report him because you don’t like what he’s doing.


It’s the truth though.


What is?


Unless the one tricking is on supports. I really never see anyone complain about one tricking support because it’s an essential role that is necessary even if the player is bad at it. On the other hand, when a dps or a tank is bad it really takes a toll on the team performance, ergo people don’t like it when they one trick on them.

But as many people have said, nobody can force anyone to play anything, because as much as the one trick can switch, you can as well. The developer’s objective is also to make a game where all compositions, no matter how ridiculous, can be playable. Although, the base of this game is switching based on the situations, so it enters in gameplay sabotage if, lets say, a Sym one trick keeps getting killed by Pharah all game without contributing one thing to the game.


If you are using developer criteria, you should not report the Symmetra for playing poorly. I already shared my “opinion,” but the literal description warns against that.


But one tricking may be the best strategy to achieve victory when you consider players personal skill level disparity. To put it in simple terms, a player might be a GM player on Sym and a bronze player on every other hero. Therefor you might define it as the player throwing if he/she plays anything other than Sym. Dramatic example? Sure… but you are not qualified to judge a players ability.

Jeff Kaplan cannot have his cake and eat it. If he wants to allow hero switching, he has to allow “one tricking”.

The only harm it does is being a false report which wastes moderator time. :woman_shrugging:


according to blizzard, They’re allowed to have fun and pick whatever they want. Even if it’s just a single hero every single game.

So screw your fun. One tricks having fun is more important for blizzard.


Read only about half this thread as it’s just rehashing old arguments about nothing.

You are queuing with randoms. You cannot expect that you will always have people able and willing to competently play any role at a moments notice, let alone the vastly different heroes within each role. You can cite “team-based game” and do all the semantic gymnastics until you’re blue in the face, it changes nothing. To have these expectations is sending yourself on a fool’s errand.

The slope of legislating hero choice and variety is significantly more slippery than the slope of you eating a loss because your team needed a Rein but Winston didn’t want to switch, and Blizzard should not go down that path.


If you want to play Bunker but you have a Hammond one-trick, just play with him. A good one-trick nows how to play his character in any comp. I got a 70% winrate during Dive Meta replacing the Genji with Symmetra. I told my Lucio to boost me on point and then told my Mercy to pocket me. Always worked.


Better to just avoid as teammate.


Nope. One tricking is not reportable, and neither is not switching when you want them to. Now, if they’re toxic towards (throwing insults your way, for example), then you can report them for toxicity. Of course, if you decided to be toxic while asking them to switch, you yourself are deserving of a report as well. And no, you can’t report someone just because they switched off, say, support without making sure someone was going to take that spot. We all bought this game, most of us having spent $40 - $60 on it (not including any unwise loot box purchases anyone may have done), and as such we can play whatever we want in whatever mode we want and there’s nothing anyone can do about it so long as we’re actively playing the match and trying to win.


You can’t report him for being the ball but if you’re all on point and he’s camping enemies spawn door and swinging around on the other side of the map during team fights he’s not working with the team.
Even worse if he’s doing it alone and dying because he keeps trying to 1v1 the reaper in his spawn.
That sounds reportable.

It’s not what they picked but how they’re using it.


however, you know thats not how that works in reality. they can report you for failing to heal (whether or not you did) and you can be actioned for it (thanks to a fully abusable and automated system). also, you can report your 5 dps team mates for gameplay sabotage for refusing to help team with objective ; feeding enemy team ult charge and refusing to coordinate with team, and they can be actioned for that (also thanks to a fully automated and abusable system) …

yes, the text says they cant, but they can, and do and nothing stops false reports like that. you get a mark on your profile (hidden mark that accumulates with each action that happens to your account) … and nothing you can do on your part will hinder that.


Ya, I’ve had players declare that they’re going to report me for things that aren’t reportable, so those were false reports.
I’ve yet to be warned or punished for anything in game.
We know that players have been punished in the past for getting too many reports which were later revelled to be false. So, that sucks. I guess that’s why it’s good to try and educate people in threads like this one about what they can report for, but ya, in reality a lot of people just want to use the report function to try and punish/attack people for all sorts of reasons. Then it becomes a matter for them to try and somehow justify/legitimise what they’re doing. The fact is though, that there’s no justification for reporting someone for playing Sym, or switching hero, and that’s how it should be.

PS - But ya, you’re talking about the difference between the letter of a law/rule against what can be done in actuality. Like, I’d say that I can’t murder someone IRL because it’s against the law, but in reality I can murder someone and I might get away with it. Still, this thread was about what you’re supposed to be able to do, so I was sticking to that condition in my answer.


But you can, because people freely abuse the system and for some reason the Overwatch Support team thinks it’s ok.


yes not playing with the team is reportable

if you do not want to play as a team go play singleplayer simple as that


The other change we’re making to the player reporting categories is removing the “Poor Teamwork” category.

If you want a team then go form a team simple as that