One-Punch Man x Overwatch 2 Event

Maybe true but I believe to have a community say the game plays well would or at least should still be in their interest, that is if they want to bring or keep players. All of these things are being made during the ongoing PVE development as well that we have no idea how far its going. It’s also not something they can “just fix” immediately anyway. It often requires lots of fine tuning and adjustments to satisfy various criteria, which also requires people to keep playing many games to refine data and accurately place them. Even it was a perceptively very accurate and strict system (like it only put people in real close proximity to their actual and visible skill rank) that isn’t going to make players complain less about it when they lose or bring up some other copium complaints.

With regards to the skins. I think they’re cool/cute/silly. I like them, I like the series. Despite that, I hope they don’t do too many of them like Fortnite. Sadly, I’m not likely to purchase the skins. I’m trying to avoid doing so as I usually do not like to buy extra unnecessary things in games if I can help it.

The free stuff sounds good and the challenges aren’t pain in the butt for once if we don’t count the matchmaking.

  • 24 games played – Legendary Mumen Rider-Soldier: 76 skin

I can’t stand 2 games in a row, I highly doubt I’ll play 24 games for the rest of the season considering the state of matchmaking


lmfao, even after the devs said you would be able to do the event then PICK what skin or skins you WOULD WANT. Now it is “buy these skins.” I hate blizzard.


If Hanzo can have his scatter back then Doomfist could.

If not, they should rename the event to “Multi Punch Man” since One Punch Man branding would be misleading.

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if there will be the honesty to put kiriko skin as epic skin then ok. if not… no, thank you.


so will the mid season balance patch be tomorrow or will it be like 2 weeks before the next season again lol…


Maybe in a special game mode. They had a previous blog saying it’s just their heroes in cosplay so they are probably not worried about such details

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Man these skins just look awful if you aren’t familiar with the source material. Kiriko is the only one that looks remotely decent and it’s just because it’s close to her normal design


the OW1 challenge requirements are back, yay!

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That’s the worst part of this whole thing lol

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Pro tip, ctrl + f the word “bundle” when a new blogpost comes out, if there’s any results you can instantly tell it will be full of garbage


The skins look like bad cosplay.

Doomfist just looks really awkward in Saitama’s costume. Yellow and red just are not his colors.

Kiriko’s Tatsumaki skin looks worse than that time you put AOT skins in COD. Like, apart from the hair, it just looks bad.

Genji’s is probably both the worst and best one. It’s not a bad looking skin, but it doesn’t even remotely look like Genos. The others you could at least see it.

And Soldier’s is… Not the best, but not the worst. It’s not as awkward looking as the others.


Except the Kiriko one

No need to excuse everything now my guy, that one is genuinely lacking a lot for something you gotta buy for 20 bucks


Indeed but you wouldn’t buy them otherwise anyway. Also the lack of detail is understandable in this case except kiriko that is just recolor.

Honestly, “bad cosplay” could be a pretty fun design as well, if it actually had some creativity behind it. If the OPM skin told the story of Doom putting together a low quality costume with weird materials and it fit awkwardly, that would at least be interesting. This is just nothing, like they just asked some kids to draw OW characters in OPM outfits.


They gave the most hero to ever hero skin to a bad guy, 0/10.


If only they could fix the Kiriko gold weapons they broke instead making he new skins. Kiriko gold weapons currently only show a regular weapon to other players instead of her gold weapons

Hah! I’ll pay for Gremlin D.Va themed skin.