Old gamer looking for friends

Hello everyone, I am looking for players who are over 30+ who might like a company in OW. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman or LGBTQ+ as long as you are friendly and not toxic.

I have been playing OW since its release but had a long break for about 5 years before I came back with OW2. I mainly play Tank and it would be good to have someone who mains support :slight_smile:

I enjoy QP and Comp equally or sometimes just a chat :slight_smile:

Rank doesn’t really mean much to me. My highest rank was Gold but again it doesn’t mean much to me. :slight_smile: What’s more important is to have fun and entertaining gaming experiences together than winning. And I like to have just a good laugh and see the funny side even when we are losing the game.

I play mostly at night between 9 pm and midnight (GMT). If you are interested then please do add me on Bnet: Jumona#21151 or add me on discord: J_Kim#1187

Thank you!

Hey there! I did send you a friend request on bnet :slight_smile: