Oh look. Another Counter to Mass res

How about a 50% damage resistance like roadhog’s take a breather.


Makes it sound like Sound Barrier instead of Rez. I’m assuming you would be able to use it without someone having to die first.

Time it? Use it when the Mercy flies in. Even if it’s too long, the ressed players would still have to work through them. Better yet, kill the Mercy with the mines as she flies in. That’d be funny af.


She would effectively have the health of Orisa or Zarya but with a smaller hit box.

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Is that a problem? Lúcio’s ultimate turns you into a tank as well.

Works out perfectly then, mass ress returning with los and a 50% damage resistance, they could also make valkyrie ability that lasts a few seconds because let’s be honest, it’s as strong as a ability anyways.

That would make Mercy OP since she has effectively double the health, a small hit box and free flight.

Only when using mass ress meaning the very animation of ressing somebody, she was invincible before and not op so this is actually a nerf to her mass ress.

Mercy’s doesn’t turn you into a tank. It doesn’t sound like Rez anymore. Even the 150hp burst heal is just a sightly stronger than Ana’s nade. Honestly, I see this as encouraging Mercy to let her tanks die to focus on everyone else, then Rez.

Think of this: Mercy uses Valk, then uses Rez. She has effectively 400 hp and free flight. Combine this with GA and your not stopping Rez.

Nah, it’s fffinnne. Besides, Ana’s nade is a CD ability.

I see this as,

Fun, rainbows and balanced.

Unless you’re a tank main because you know Mercy will intentionally let you die.

Also, how is dying every time you Rez fun.

it would still be more fun than this rework is probably a big reason

I feel like another rework would be more fun than an “easily counterable” ultimate, don’t you?

I’m honestly confused as how you got the whole intentionally dying thing again. I’ll just quote this suggestion then:

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They could just get rid of valkyrie all together and give her a new ability, they could also make it so you have to touch the ground to ress someone, there’s all sorts of things they could do to make it balanced compared to present mercy at least.

Yeah but why try for a new rework that might end up flopping again when you had something that worked already, it just takes less time but honestly I would prefer the rework titanium suggested which arc posted just as I was typing this, (yes it is a rework having mass rez =/= revert) which gives incentive to use it before teammates die and more options for the mercy as well as preemptive counterplay for the enemy plus a way to give mercy some skill with pacify

But how would you know it would work considering all of these “counters” have been added?

I would prefer a rework that removed resurrect altogether and replaced it with another ability. Maybe a new interesting ultimate but I figure with resurrect gone they could give some more power to the potential healing aspects of Valkyrie.

We don’t everything is theory until it’s added to the game, we can only go by what we believe sounds best

I would prefer everything that came from this horrible rework be removed all that’s come from it in the end is the best mercy players in the world even before the rework being forced to switch heroes or drop in the ranks, having to nerf the entire design of mercy with the most recent nerf just so she isn’t overpowered and my most fun moments with mercy are no longer saving my team with healing or clutch rez but going battle mercy and trying to kill the enemy

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Mercy died if she tried to Rez more than one ally. That’s why she was given invincibility in the first place. Keep in mind that she still got the Rez off even if she died so this would be a nerf to an f tier hero.

Anyways, I don’t like the idea of a “skill shot” on Mercy. It goes against her design as a easy support to pick up. It could potentially also nullify counter to mass Rez by using on anyone who tries to use their ultimate to counter Rez.