Oh boy a ptr update

I’m not european… it’s 1 AM my time.

i know but its 8 AM somewhere in Europe.

but to take a guess, canada??

Precisely. Not Australia

What could possibly make you think it has something to do with Mei wall’s collision?

jeff mentioned it earlier

This was a good hint.

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You know, I was hoping for Mei nerfs before, but I tried to play her and now I’m hoping they leave her alone.

Technically its 2PM in Tokyo

Technically it’s high noon somewhere.


while im still here

Did you know?: Zenyatta actually does have 2 toes on each foot. Strange but surprisingly a thing for some reason


huge buffs for Bastion and Symmetra inbound

Inb4 they get nerfed.

Do we know if there is any changes?

ok but is nobody going to talk about how grossly op widow hanzo and mei are in this new mode?
they feel so opressive.

mercy may see a big increase on play though, but i wish one shots and cc were removed tbh

There is no update.

lol as if they havent been nerfed to the ground already

It’s high noon somewhere in the world…

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Just checked and theres no patch? perhaps you didn’t update to the last version on last cycle?

Yeah, but the devs live here.

Not that a 1 am patch makes sense

Perhaps. Could’ve just been a minor bug fix or something.