[OFFICIAL] Lucio's First Album!

Behold! To commemorate the launch of Lucio-Oh’s, it appears our hippity-hoppity friend has released an official album: Synaesthesia Auditiva!

The album artwork is actually really nice, too!

“Check out the debut album from international sensation, Lúcio, as he brings his healing beats to the world. Get ready to amp it up!”

Indulge in the music here: https://luciomusic.com/


This music is amazing. Thank you very much!!

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The whole thing is just so cool. :slight_smile: Thank Blizzard!

And Lucio, of course.

Forget ashe, forget brig’s stupid face when she gets blown up, forget even bob, THIS IS THE NEWS IM LOOKING FOR


I wonder if any of it will be featured ingame.

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Oh yeah!

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This GIF is great :heart:

Dling it now. I would love OST Vol.2 someday. The music in OW is full of awesomeness. Blizz games has some of the best music.

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Where did you find this link? Was it announced at Blizzcon or something?

I thought Lucio released Synaesthesia Auditiva a few years back, so this is kind of random and out of the blue, especially since it’s not listed under a blizzard domain. Are you sure this is an official Blizzard promotion?

And it also has the fan favorite “jeff jeff jeff jeff”

This is so cool. The music is pretty good. Love they did this lol