[OCE] Ziegler Collective


The Zeigler Collective is recruiting!

We are looking for players in Oceania [on PC] that are mature, coachable, have a positive attitude, and know how to have fun. We run team practice on Wed and Sun evenings @7-9pm AEST (Sydney time), and team coaching + scrims on Sat evening.

We are recruiting across multiple squads, and are taking players with the mindset of self improvement and team play. We run regular practice, coaching, scrims, and also participate in tournaments.
What we offer:

  • Friendly, non- toxic environment
  • Weekly squad practice
  • External Tournament positions
  • Scheduled scrims
  • 1on1, and Team Coaching
  • Internal 2v2 and 3v3 tourneys
  • Workshop nights and other casual style events
  • Memes
  • Friends!

What we’re looking for:

  • Have a mic and able to use comms
  • Oceanic region
  • 16+ and mature positive attitude
  • Coachable, with a teamplay mindset


How do I join?

If this sounds like your thing, jump on our discord and show us what you’re made of! Click our #𝕁𝕆𝕀ℕ-𝕆𝕌ℝ-𝕊ℚ𝕌𝔸𝔻 channel for details.

Are you ready to take your play to the next level?

Discord address:


Yeah can confirm this is a super fun set of gamers. play with them on the reg 10/10 never soloq agane. <3


Honetly the best gamers ive ever met theyre all cool guys and ive had so much fun playig with them all


We’ve had some excellent and skilled players join, and we’re now looking to form a new squad. If you can play as part of a structured overwatch team, we want you on our side!

Jump on our Discord for more info:


Very good group. Have had the opportunity to attend a couple of practices and I finally found what I was looking for on Overwatch: a friendly group of people, interested in personal and team play improvement. Will definitely attend more practices


Great, non-toxic environment to play in! Practices are Wednesdays and Sundays so I don’t feel pressured to be playing every day of the week.