🔘 Now that Range has been buffed on hitscans (and Mei), NOW spread should

Range was buffed to deal with Widow, but only so few heros have meaningful range.

NOW that GOATS AND armor is on the rise, there needs to be more relevance on the shotgun and spread heros. These heros are so ineffective at damage that there is no reason to pick them over the ranged heros who are more accurate AND can deal with armor better.

Not only that but shotguns have at least half of their damage based off of RNG. This leads to massive inconsistencies. Meanwhile on Bastion, his RNG is only amplified by the fact that his spread is pointlessly massive. His only existence is the 3 seconds it takes to take down a Rein barrier. However, this topic isn’t solely on Bastion, as spread in general in this game needs to be more accurate to give shotgun-based heros a more viable place among the cast.

Heros with spread cannot compare to those with accurate weapons. If the damage per pellet needs to be lowered, then so be it. I don’t want them to be on par with OHK (maybe Hog) but right now a LOT of their damage is wasted, especially against armor.

Look at how bad Sombra’s damage use to be when she had her old spread. Or even DF before his hand cannon buffs.

These heros need their spread adjusted to be more accurate and fit in with the game currently:

  • Hog
  • Reaper
  • Torb
  • Bastion
  • Dva

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They even took that tiny range that hog had with his right-click away…


Instead of merely tightening the spread of shotguns the spread should be static. You should shoot the same pattern every time.


Lol hitscans aren’t even good against GOATS/armor except Widow

Technically, Bastion is. Though he is F tier because of storm arrow.

I agree, with Reaper it’s always like:

  • How did I kill that?
  • How did I not kill that?

The spread is a gamble


He’s been F-Tier LONG Before Storm arrows… :wink::ok_hand:


This, randomized spread is what keeps shotguns from being a skill based and consistent weapon.


This is something I agree with.


I’m fine with random spread if the spread is Gaussian and there’s a guaranteed center pellet.


I could live with that. I would prefer static, but I could live with a Gaussian spread with a center pellet.

Right now with Reaper somtimes it takes 3 shots at 4m to kill Mercy and other times the RNG rewards you with a lucky one shot kill at 9m. That’s wacky.

As Mercy it feels bad to be one shot killed by arbitrary numbers at 9m by a shotgun hero, yet as Reaper it also feels frustrating that you can waste so much time trying to kill a 200hp hero because the spread is unreliable at melee distance.

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They should also make it so one pellet always fires perfectly at the center of the crosshairs, as Doomfist’s gun now does.


Disagree. Spread isn’t that much, the problematic factor is that there’s a different shotgun spread cone for each hero. They should all be standardized to the same size, which would give Reaper, D.Va, and Torbjorn a good QOL improvement.

Why should they all be the same?


Not this chap. The others? Sure, whatever, I’m not bothered. But Bastion is a weird cheese-pick that could very easily become oppressive with a few small buffs.

Why not D.va? She also has spread

I’m too tired to make a pun off this so I’ll leave you with this:
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That just reduces the RNG, does very little for the viability of each hero. More accurate spread actually means less RNG, since there is less of an angle for the pellets to go.

For example: Bastion. Bullets would still miss enemies thus not doing anything for him.


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