Not receiving points for winning competitive matches

it seems there is a really devastating bug happening right now at least for me when sometimes the screen that should display the amount of rank i am gaining instead regardless of my percentage in my current rank shows a full nearly full bar filling up with around 8 percent, even though it shows a full bar i do not rank up and the percentage top left of the bar displays what my percentage was before the win and doesnt go up, i had just experienced this, i was master 3 8% and after a win it stayed that way, i know its a bug because how could i have possibly gone up to 8% without ranking up from master 4 when for a win you get around 20%, that is how i know it is for sure bugged, this happened multiple times to me already since the season began and i would like to see this fixed
i just confirmed that i did not receive any because i have won another game and i gained 20 and i am on 28 which is impossible considering i won two games without ranking up


for me I am not reviving Competitive Coins when I play/won the game

There are a few threads about the not ranking up part of this. I haven’t seen much on the comp points not updating though