Not promoted from Gold 2

I have won the 7 games being already in gold 2 and they have not promoted me.
(I’m playing on pc)


And how many did you lose?

I lost just 3 games.

I’ve been having the same exact issue. Stuck at Gold 2 for 14 wins now. In 14 wins, I counted 2 losses, crushing it with my teams lately. I don’t understand why I’m being given Gold 2 for the 2nd time in a row.

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I am stuck in plat 5 with 14 games won and few lost. Kinda getting annoying to play competitive if im not getting anything from it

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I’m going to update my post when I win my next 7 to update you guys. Currently 4-0 atm no losses yet.

Just finished my 7 wins with 2 losses again like my previous run. Went from Gold 2 to Gold 2 again for the 3rd time in a row. I’m done playing comp until an explanation comes from the OW team.

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