Not many groups available for LFG

I feel like I’m asking a question thats already well known but I couldnt find the answer myself :confused:

When I go to the “find a group” section I only see 3-5 options for me to choose from. Is that normal? if not how does blizzard decide to show the groups?

That is odd. Maybe something in your settings or your NAT type may be preventing you from seeing them? I personally have pages of groups when I open up LFG.

I dont use any filters. Perhaps its related with performance? I’m only getting matches with masters and even grandmasters on quickplay.

See what Jeff said:

And you can always create your own group!


Thanks for quoting the original post. But I dont understand why skill range matters when its non-comp games only lobbies e.g. arcade, qp


I would assume to prevent pub stomps similar to what you see with smurfs but it may also be because the LFG system is so new and it is still being worked to include that.