Not every character should be viable

bastion does not suck… he was picked many times on junkertown.

stop being ignorant and look up how many times hes been picked on that map before.

also you should know that blizzard once buffed him once to being viable on every map and mode… the competitive scene started complaining right away that they straight way nerfed him again within 2 weeks.

We’re entering the realm of opinion over statistical evidence as we progress ot seems. Bastion HAS an impact its just not the onevpro bastioners want.

Every hero has a place he has his. Headshots or not in turret form he does even need the ability to headshot considerations to make impact.

All heroes should be viable. Not all heroes should be viable in any and every given situation. But if any hero is not viable in ANY given situation then there’s a problem.

no, every hero should be viable, just not at all times and on all maps

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Then there is viability in their niche. The game simply can’t work that way.

After you do some research for me.

I know very good and well what has and hasn’t happened with the hero.

The “buffs” were all hamfisted attempts at shifting the meta at the time, going against direct player feedback.

And the resulting version of the hero was worse than the largely considered “F-Tier” Bastion we had beforehand.

Oh, and one more thing.
"Maybe almost sorta working on one map, in one situation, for one short period of time, is not “functional”

Just so I understand, why not at all times and on all maps? I don’t see a problem with people being able to play what they want when they want to.

Works just fine for me. Sorry you aren’t having a good time.

Clearly you’re the one having a bad time. Thanks for agreeing with me

How on earth did you come to this conclusion from what I said?

You agreed, there is viability when they are in their niche situation. Outside of that they do not need to be viable

They may require more skill ARGUABLY (I’d argue Mei is harder), but they have the potential of being far too oppressive without the proper tools to keep them in check. Them being viable all of the time isn’t healthier for the game than someone like Mei being viable all of the time.

Oh, yeah, I absolutely agree with that. Thing is, I very much enjoy this part of the game. The rock-paper-scissors aspect of this game that separates it from the other bland aim-and-shoot FPS titles is why I still love this game and continue playing it. Others disagree, and that’s fine. But my enjoyment isn’t tied to anybody elses.

Every character should be viable. The fact that you think this and the devs think this is the reason why Overwatch is having a hard time and losing people right now.

Its like you think that when people say this you think that every hero in its current state need to all be picked equally.

Not. The. Case.

Every hero should be viable, yes. But that comes with a heavy price. Every single hero would need to be looked at and rebalanced accordingly and with that being said, there would no longer be a game with heroes and sidekicks. Every hero would actually become a playable hero.


the devs said themselves they did not make the heroes with the intention that they are all viable in every situation.

if you want every hero being viable… that goes with the cost of uniqueness.

if you are fine with losing uniqueness…

It is not possible to make every single character viable. No gsme has ever been qble to do so as some will almost always out class others.

Even if the devs did look at every single individual hero some will just seem better than others. Unless they guy every character and rebuild them all from the ground up with surgeon like paitence it still wouldn’t be possible.

Torb is a great example, they changed him to make him more offense friendly and he still ended up a mild pick.

LOL at “Ashe requires more skill to play than Mei”. Mei is much harder, it’s not even close.

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How so? Please explain. Ashe requires more positioning awareness, aim and doesn’t have the benefit of a slow/freeze in her primary fire or ult.

Mei’s entire gimmick is literally ‘not let the enemy move’ that and mei has a self heal and a big wall thst blocks all sorts of enemy movements.

yes its possible with the loss of uniqueness… look at apex… all characters have the same core design: abilities are gimmicks… raw aim is still the most important thing in this game.

you will need to have to decide what the core design of each role is supposed to be and then remove all the gimmicks that are straight way broken.

fe: sombra is a dps hero … hack is being removed or nerfed into the ground, weapon dps is buffed.
symmetra … remove all turrets, buff the dps of the beam.

zen … remove dps, buff his healing orb

lucio remove movement speed… buff his healing aura.

would people like that better?

i doubt so :3

1000% yes and is also part of the problem with Overwatch. Its okay for some abilities to overlap if they have a totally different kit. The fact that they keep trying to make a new hero totally different is just not a good solution.

Its only going to get harder and harder to create heroes and then you will start to see more gimmicky things. This is suppose to be a hero shooter after all.

If you had another tank that had a shield like Rein but had a different kit, there is nothing wrong with that.

“bUt EvErYthInG hAs tO bE dIFfeRenT”

Not with that attitude.

I dont agree with this. At all. This isnt some living breathing creature. This is a VIDEO GAME. They created everything and all the rules. They can decide everything that happens in this game. They are Gods.

The problem is it would take a LOT of work. Time they clearly dont want to invest.

First step would be to remove a lot of the power from ults and some abilities and refocus the game around the guns. Abilities and ults should come second to the fun gun play.

Ashe is great example of that actually. Her abilities and ults aren’t that great. Basically, rebalanced the entire cast to be like Ashe and every hero would become viable. Would there be a meta? Sure. But every hero would still be viable.

You seems to be confusing viability and meta.

Right now the game has a small meta because less than half the cast is even viable.