Not Allowed To Reconnect After Getting Disconnected

Been having an issue recently where the game boots me to the splash screen completely randomly with “LOST CONNECTION TO GAME SERVER”. However, I’ll get back in the game in less than 30 seconds usually. But now, once back in game I am no longer allowed to rejoin the match that I was originally playing. These are competitive games which have always let me rejoin so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Getting competitive suspensions because of this as well which sucks. I have recorded this as well if that helps

We would need network tests to help you troubleshoot a connection problem.

I had made a previous thread a few days ago when I had the issue and didn’t have it for a few days afterwards. In the thread you checked my PingPlotter result and found nothing noteworthy. Also, I can’t post a reply with my DxDiag so not sure what to do regarding that.

Your DxDiag is unrelated to your connection, unless you have network optimization software causing a disconnect. Just view the errors at the bottom of your report after exporting it.

Yeah, found nothing in the DxDiag. So I’m completely clueless on what to do now, since my ISP also has no idea on what might the issue be. I also get no network issues in general, except for maybe the rare minor hiccup

I replied to the other thread. Let’s continue there.

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