NOT AGAIN Blizzard

Again happens that I queue into comp, queue pops, I don’t get into the game, I spam rejoin match, nothing happens, I lose 50 sr and get suspended. FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVER??? MY NETWORK’S FINE, I USE ETHERNET CONNECTION. WHAT IS THIS BUG BLIZZARD??? I LOSE 50 SR FOR NO REASON??? JESUS CHRIST


That sounds terrible.

I get an issue where it says joining match and then the box vanishes for a few seconds, I don’t get put in the match, then it comes up again saying waiting for match 0:00. Is this normal ?

I lost 50 sr from support, but also 10 from tank and dps. WHAT IS GOING ON BLIZZARD

Try reinstalling the game

I’ve had something similar happen to me before. “Game found!” it never connects. I’ve lost 50 SR. My internet was fine as it would’ve just disconnected from Overwatch. :woman_shrugging: It’s really lame.

I’ve having random disconnects from game/server for months now

and I got a god damn fiber internet connection!

Maybe problems with connection people have are due to game trying to put players in distant servers to fill in gaps…

Usually this error message occurs when there is a problem between you and the game server. Yes your internet can be fine, and yes the game server itself is not having a problem (if it did the whole lobby would collapse on all players and a different error message would appear). Basically when this happens there is some hub between you and the game server that decided to cut out causing the FTC error.

If this happens once in a blue moon, best thing to do is to play a few games in quick play to see if there are more connection issues, and try again once you think it is safe to play. If you are getting the Failed to Connect error frequently during Competitive games, the best option is to try and carefully test a series of connection tests in Quick Play using WinMTR.

This is a deterrence penalty intended to discourage players from jumping right back into Competitive without troubleshooting the issues. The actual MMR is not directly affected for the two roles not played so the SR is quickly normalized after a few games.

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50 from support!? And they say they’re unbiased towards supports.

Yes, last season too :frowning:

Sorry to hear. Love playing support, but too d*mn hard to climb in solo queue. Just gave up on ranked ages ago.