No sojourn nerfs? Patch in 3 weeks? Balance is dead

Uh hello? What are you smoking?

Kiriko got a random nerf to something that wasnt even a problem

Doom remains the worst hero in the game

And to top it all off, this will only come 3 weeks


Yeah this game is gonna die 100% if this is how frequently they’re gonna patch, it’s not even a mid-season patch if it takes 6 weeks for a patch and seasons are 2 months. What is even the point of watching OWL or playing the game if they’re gonna be on a patch no one can play.

Also why is genji getting the hardest nerfs when he was the one out of all the strong heroes with the most counterplay? Sojourn gets to be the best hero in the game because she’s the new DLC hitscan but genji gets his burst and spam damage gutted? None of the weak heroes like doom JQ or bastion get buffs? Random kiriko nerf no one asked for?


I’m just tired of dying with no warning by a Soujourn charge shot. You cannot react to it, even if you try to time it right as she can hold that charge for 8s!

You can outplay her, get the jump on her etc and get her super low and she doesn’t care because she can just flick and delete you. it feels like fighting a Hanzo but somehow worse.

Also please either remove/ reduce the damage or remove the slow from her disruptor shot. There’s no reason it hurts as much as it does and slows too. It’s too much value.


Normally I advocate for balance changes to be put between seasons. But in our case, Sojourn (And Sombra) deserve nerfs like right now


This. I don’t care what decisions they make for the game as long as they commit to the seasonal hero/map releases and patch stuff that is clearly broken asap. League gets patches every 2 weeks, why can’t we get patches like that? They’ve hired so many people to work on the game but we’re still getting patches at the same rate as the first game that are just as bad.

Zarya and sombra should have been hotfixed a week ago, or even when the Halloween event came out. They can do it with bastion and torb even though with their bugs they still weren’t as oppressive which shows how bad those heroes are.

Here’s my main gripe, if they want sojourn to be broken for season 1 that’s fine, she’s new and she brings people to the game. But why is genji getting sledgehammered harder than any other hero when he has more counterplay? Why are JQ, doom, and bastion just rotting with zero changes as the new tank and 2 reworks?

Genji’s damage is about to be the lowest it has ever been, and even when it was 28 there was less healing power creep and utility in the game so now he’s just gonna be unplayable for the average user.


Can’t ruin the dps playground blizz wants this game to be.


I was hoping for the sojourn nerf. No lie at least genji was a viable pick to deal with her, guess thats out the window now.


Sojourn gets to be the best hero in the game because she’s the new DLC hitscan

only her charged shot is hit-scan btw. Her primary fire is projectiles and they’re rather slow compared to actual hit-scan i.e. Soldier or Widow. This can be especially noticeable when trying to shoot flying targets or further than 50m away

I genuinely don’t understand why the balance team didn’t nerf sojourn…


From what i understand. According to them she is underperforming everywhere except in above masters. Which in my recollection of matches…yeah it seems right. I dont fear sojourn as much as sombra or zarya rn


Underperforming? I don’t believe that for a second lol she’s picked on both teams literally every game I play, there’s no way she’s underperforming unless they see a flat 50% win/loss rate as “underperforming.”


Live serivce .tm

The reason why it’s worse than fighting a Hanzo is because she has super high mobility, area denial, and has a way to fight close to mid range with her primary and then combo that with her Railgun for mid to long range and you realize very quickly that she has no counterplay at all. With Hanzo, while he can kill you close range, if you get in close there’s a high chance you win against him. He also has limited mobility that doesn’t help him escape, and is more of a chase tool than an escape tool.

That’s the problem with Sojourn, there’s just no counterplay to her all. You can’t chase her because of her insane mobility and area denial, you can’t brawl mid range because she’ll just kill you with primary fire or a railgun, she can duel Hanzo and Widow easily since her Railgun hitbox is absolutely massive, and she’s super good against tanks. She has no weakness at all.


Even in plat, Sojourn is CONSISTANTLY the hero getting the most elims, assists and damage on both teams. It’s literally like playing against Soldier and Widow at the same time. I respect the skill the ult requires but she is stupid strong.


This is something that keeps popping up in the community and its being ignored.


I’m not sure why everybody is shocked about Sojourn not getting a nerf. She’s the new poster girl, and they want to see flashy plays in their garbage esport. Is it BS? Yes, but it is what it is.


You say that but Queen is like everywhere on the ads and is also super poster-woman, but she got nerfed to oblivion,

Kiriko as well got a nerf, the most random thing ever, that barely ever matters, did u even realize her TP had 0.4 invul frames? me neither, now it has 0.2 less, incredble, but nerfed nonetheless.

They just didnt nerf Soujourn cuz they couldnt find a random way to do it yet and want more data from the pros i guess.


That’s what they do. They look at win rates to determine hero balance. I beleive there was a patch abt a week and a half ago talking about the win rate of genji and that’s the primary reason they are nerfing him.

they rarely nerf whatever is new, just like in wotlk DK was OP for years before any real changes.

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Queen got nerfed before launch even, so did Soujourn, i dont know wut they are thinking with this one but that aint it.

Also happened with Ana, Doom…etc, many others also got changed right after release.

Different team than WOW from 10 yrs ago too.