No patch notes after May in Announcements?


No patch notes after May in Announcements forum?

Is there a reason why? I kept trying to figure out what this Brig nerf is that everyone is either laughing or crying about and the only thing I see is the note saying a whipshot bug was fixed in the app?



Yes, those are the same notes that are in the app.

There used to be notes in the announcement forum too.

A fix to a bug is not worthy of all the “omg Brigitte has been deleted” or “yay, she should be deleted” that I’m seeing on this forum like it’s a thing that has is already in the game.


You want PTR notes.


Yah, I guess I should rephrase, I noticed that the Announcements forums is missing any new content related to patch notes because I was looking for the source of the whining.

I did realize after looking about fora bit that people were once again conflating the general forum and the ptr forum… but my question is: why is the Announcement forum empty of patch notes after May?

(I tend to ramble a bit)