No OW1 skins, no golden guns

No cosmetics from OW1.
Just reporting, hoping to see the fix.


Yea, im missing some skins and some more are locked. I hope they have a snapshot of Pre OW2 cause uhhhh… I kinda want the skins I unlocked. lmao


idk how they do this, but credits already appeared and some skins except OW1 event ones.

Same issue here!

Some Characters still have things I unlocked others have everything re-locked.

Assuming it just the database getting absolutely hammered as I also keep seeing OW currency going from 0 to 2200 back and forth.


I’m also missing a bunch of OW1 cosmetics. Apparently I don’t own a single D.VA highlight intro anymore, let alone her golden weapon.

I put in a support ticket anyway, but this does seem to be affecting a lot of people. Fingers crossed that my hard-earned cosmetics will magically reappear in OW2 later today as they sort out the release.


Hiya folks,

The team is investigating this issue currently. Thanks for the reports and apologies to anyone who may have been worried by this.


Is that a shiny new OW2 avatar I’m seeing there Andy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep totally not logging onto this game today, or even tomorrow since my gf is coming over.

Hopefully by Thursday it’s fixed.

I’m supposed to have all base and event OW1 items, 8 golden guns, noire widow, pink mercy, Blizzcon Winston, all special OWL skins, several SF Shock skins, atl reign skins, spark skins, 3104 OWL tokens, 162980 legacy OW1 credits.

I cannot bear to log in today and see stuff missing I worked so hard for.


Just checked mine again and it appears most, if not all of mine have been re-attributed.


Most recent Genji OWL skin as well…all the other ones say owned except this one and i have option to buy (again)


Yeah I am missing stuff for example the old Widowmaker skin from Origins but also much more


Same here, just log in and I’m missing some owl skins, golden skins, event skins and so on. Hope they can fix it soon

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I dont have any credits


I think it has something to do with the personalized shop or w/e, because some of my characters have all their skins from OW1 that I had still but some are missing half. This also isn’t just skins I am missing highlight intros and voice lines that I know I had as well. They might wanna just eat the L right now and do a rollback or something before too many people start buying things.


That’s exactly why I created a thread to advise everyone to screen their entire Hero gallery on OW1 :p…

I knew this would happen.


Also having this issue, some chars are fine and others literally have all or half the stuff I unlocked missing.


Another problem is that I bought the watchpoint pack but did not get the promised 2000 overwatch coins. In addition to this I used my legacy credits to get the 2 Sojourn legendary skins. Legacy credit balance went down, i go to the bundle to inspect the red variant and it says I own it… but I can’t equip it.

I bought skins and can’t equip them and did not get the promised 2000 overwatch coins from the watchpoint pack

EDIT: got them all now


I just booted up overwatch 2 and immediately found an issue. I was looking through the hero customizations and found out that I had my unlocks from overwatch 1. the issue is that on some characters it says I have half of the items unlocked from the previous game but I am missing all of my unlocks or on some characters I have some of my unlocks but not all of them. I understand that the game has only been out for about 3 hours when I am posting this and I know that there are many bugs that need to worked out. I am just hoping to bring this to the attention of the Overwatch 2 Dev team in the hopes that this gets worked out soon.


my friends are missing all heirs too but they linked their acounts on ps4 but didnt merge now their stuff is all gone too…hope it comes back


Been struggling to even check this.