No One Will Ever Use Fade To Give 1 Sec. invulnerability To Teammates, What We Got Is Straight Cooldown Nerf!

Moria mains just mad they can’t flank anymore, Moira finally became a skilled hero

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O-k… enjoy being bumped down by better Moira players bc she just got a skill ceiling increase lol

Doesn’t change that 1 seconds is useless. If not to cleanse or escape an ult, then it has barely any impact. It has a ton of startup only coming out at the end. And for nothing

Even with the 1 sec immortality tacked on its a 7 second cooldown.

And on top of that she got ult charge nerfs in the form of less dmg, self heal, unreliable dmg orb (dealing less dmg). Yes it requires game sense but the reward doesn’t match the risk or expense required.

I would. Or try to

It’s pretty good for getting through a choke.

It’s just darn near impossible to predict when my tanks will decide to walk through the doorway :3

Besides that, I would strictly use it to try and survive

It doesn’t cleanse anymore, guys, get it straight.

Doesn’t cleanse anymore.

This round of changes is an iteration on the first Moira experiment we tested with in July. With these changes, we’ve tried to reduce to overall power level of this new Fade ability, as it was just capable of doing too much in its last form. Now, it cannot cleanse negative effects or easily allow people to escape Sigma or Zarya ultimates, but is still a powerful tool to reduce significant incoming damage if it is timed well. As for the Damage Orb changes, this is a totally new direction to try and accomplish the same goals as before: change the ability from an easy to use but low impact ability, to a more skillful and higher potential impact ability. Landing a Damage Orb is now much more challenging but the reward is also much higher.

This is the kind of iteration we’re constantly doing internally when making changes or designing new heroes. The Experimental card gives us an interesting opportunity to show how things evolve and are tested over time. Keep in mind that these are purely experiment changes and are not likely to go live.

Imagine how bad your team must be if you let a Moira flank…


Read the patch notes.

Image how sad my team is cause our moira is flanking

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“Now phases out all allies within 6 meters (and self) for 1 second after exiting Fade”

Yeah that sounds like cleanse to me

Yes but giving 1 second of damage invuln is still a pretty big deal during these negative status effects.

I was confused too at first but they are right, it doesn’t:


One second of invulnerability is huge in this game, and her orb has a higher damage potential now at 720 as it doesn’t fade away faster when it does damage to more than 1 person anymore. it’ll do more damage than the old orb if it just hits one person with another hero next to them.

wait it doesn’t cleanse anymore? WHAT. why not?!

Because they hate Moira and want to ruin her?

Then get on comms and tell them not to flank :man_shrugging:

If they won’t listen then there’s nothing you really can do…

lol I’ve had so many enemy flanking Moira’s in my games in GM and I’ve been the flanking Moira myself many times, people will tell you she’s easy to counter on here but just ignore them, they don’t actually understand that having 3 forms of self healing and a 6 sec invuln mobility cooldown + 20m range damage beam and damage orb makes her an actually ironically good flanker.

Only consistent counter to it is Mcree tbh

Yes. Except the risk to reward ratio here is not good.
here’s an example:

Roadhog hooks someone. You fade in and save them. Great success right? No because now moira is dead :slight_smile: She has no escape to retreat and whoever she saved it going to retreat the minute they do.

Situation 2: bomb. You really wanna try time that (with the fade startup included) to save one ally risking two deaths.

You’re reducing her survivability generally here by nerfing her duel potential, escape, and self heal. On top of recent orb changes that made the heal orb faster and less consistent. the risk of fading into danger almost always leaves her with no way out because none of her other cooldowns or abilities can save her. Which now requires another hero to save her. OR she dies. And it’s a life for a different life. Moira, the main healer, does not want to trade her life out.

On top of this Bap can give 5 seconds immortality with greater range, and greater throwing range by not entering danger on a 25s CD and is also a main healer. You would just choose that because regen burst can do orbs job and he has no CD on exo boost AND his immortality doesn’t requrie him to kill himself. AND he can deal MORE dmg at more ranges. Yes moira has her niche advantages but is in no way better than this.

Edit: got blindsighted and forgot to address your other points.

I didn’t know this was how it worked. I thought it was single target. but this orb is useless against hard to hit targets, 1v1s, and many other situations where the other was better.

Is the range still 4m on the orb though because for one person to be 4m of another on the enemy team almost never happens because you can WALK out of this range in less than a second not to mention the person you hit is moving. LET ALONE DRASTIC MOBILITY.


It’s a weird ability now for sure. Having it kick in when Moira exits fade is incredibly clunky if you want to save the team from a massive ult like D’va bomb or Junk’s tire because. Why not just give it to everyone for a second when she uses it?

If you are playing against bots, sure.

Y’all keep saying this as if it’s a regular occurrence even though it’s something that’ll happen once in a blue moon.