No Mac Support!?!? (Super Sad)

I cannot believe in 2018 there is no mac support for overwatch, I really can‘t believe it, and with black ops 4 its now the same.

I wanted to buy both games but now I just do nothing. I am extremely sad about this. I will not install windows via bootcamp on my mac.

Just make native support for mac for every game from the beginning please.


The problem is that with each platform they introduce, it takes more time to develop and test each patch. Lead Engineer Bill Warnecke answers a similar question about the Linux platform:

Overwatch seems to use C, C++ or C# and those languages have Mac and Linux support so can’t they just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V the code into the Mac and Linux ports?

(https:// support. apple. com/ en-au/ HT201468)
just install windows mac allows you to do it, boot camp