? No experimental on PS4?

The card’s not up on PS4. Is there some kind of delay or something??

It should be up on all platforms.

I see no card up on ps4 currently. Even rebooted the game. I think I saw another post about it too a bit ago. Looks like it’s up on everything but ps4 right now.

Can confirm. Not up on ps4.

That’s odd. (20 character)

also can confirm if you want to try out the changes got to a custom then go to lobby and turn on use experimental update if available on then put on practice range or any map

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I was JUST gonna make this topic! It’s on PC so I can use this account but I’m much more accustomed to Ps4. I just wanna see how Ashe feels :’(

Not on ps4 and I get some issues with the servers today, I got kicked from 3 matches.
I hope it is fixed soon

Same for me, not currently on ps4. Is it up for all other plataforms?

To be available UNTIL monday

You done goofed Pnutapi

Yes, it is possible its a bug that experimental isnt showing

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Yep. Can confirm. I play on PC and console and it doesn’t show up on PS4, only PC.

wait so it isnt showing up yet?

xbox has it. :thinking:


but thats the thing xbox and pc has it but not ps4 wow stop racism against ps4 players

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Playstation doesn’t have it? Weird. I never heard about this.

it techinichly does if you create a custom game and turn on use experimental card

Yeah, but… you don’t truly “experiment” unless you play against and with other players in a competitive environment.

Dang that just suck. Hope it gets fixed soon for you guys

Hey - Thanks for the heads up! The PlayStation Experimental mode should be up and running now.


Great news, thanks for that

Thanks for checking on it!