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I was playing a game. I was writing a message to my opponents when suddenly the whole HUD turned off, I couldn’t do anything and I saw everyone moving. So I left the game and got a suspension and -50 points. You have really cool keyboard shortcuts. I am asking you to return points, otherwise you should not play your game which is driving me crazy.

he is telling truth i hope i was playing with him

You have pressed the hide hud key combination, which is by default [ALT] + Z.

Now if you have… let’s say GeForce Experience, then that program has the exact same combination. Now that is something that could have happend, but maybe don’t press that combination

Blizzard does not compensate any SR
And even if they did, i doubt they would have done it for you as it was something you caused.

You can learn more about ^ that here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

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Your endorsement level fluctuating between 3 and 4 is normal, you’re not getting enough endorsements.

i dont use GeForce i have Radeon

I see, well i still recommend you don’t press that key combination for in the future.

ok but im tilted i want gold but i cant. Nevermind can i remove this
keyboard shortcut

You can most definetly!

Just go to: Settings > Controls > Scroll down and go to “Hide UI Overlay” (< Or something similar) and right click the [ALT] + Z keybind.
If done correctly it should now display an empty box where the [ALT] + Z keybind used to be.

It should be gone after doing that.

Oh thanks ! U’re bot ???

Nope i’m not a bot, just someone hanging around trying to help people.

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