Next week big update, what can it be?

I’m a tank main myself, but I play both Junkrat and Bastion… I would be devastated. Lol.

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Some DPS players are happy, so maybe they are deleting every hero except Soldier?

I’m pretty sure we wont be seeing a new hero.

It’s most likely gonna be some change to a fundamental part of overwatch. Maybe something like hero bans, something to reduce queue times for DPS, or big changes to lots of heroes all at once.

I doubt we’ll be seeing any actual “content”, since they’re probs saving all that for overwatch 2 at this point.

maybe you’re able to choose what ability you want to have on your character?
like maybe limiting characters a bit but giving them options in how they want to play the character?

it could honestly be a lot of things and it’s too big of a guess to make without any details.

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I shall answer thread with a video depicting my feelings about said update…

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Probably the really simple thing I’ve been bugging them to do repeatedly…

Patch 1.43 clarification

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Yeah I’ve been asking for this as well for a while as well…it’s like easily done in workshop…just put the numbers changes in the arcade…everyone can easily give feedback that way

One thing I’ve learnt is to never have high expectations when it comes to the dev team. it sounds harsh, but it saves a lot of disappointment.


when is said update is gonna drop? tomorrow? i hope it’s not friday :scream:

is it official that its “big” update? or do we just think its big?

they usually patch stuff on tuesdays, sometimes thursdays but that’s rare.

Jeff said feature…”feature” sounds like major addition to me

I was thinking tha tmaybe they’ll remove them entirely to make DPS queue just a bit faster LOL

could be big for some and not for others.
we really have no idea, it’s just people having fun speculating at this point.

Idk what they’ll say, my hopes are up to:
Echo release
Ow2 beta

Probably none of those will happen but it’s a nice dream of mine


Well, xQc signed an NDA to find out what it is, and he thinks it’s “Spicy”.

Crossplay is one I had not thought of…that would be interesting (assuming o course they don’t somehow inexcusably add pc in there)

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What about crossplay AND Stadia crossplay AND Overwatch is a default game with Stadia.

Isn’t stadia like already dead…we don’t need more dead game memes :sweat_smile:


For me it could be:
Maps reworks
Ult rework (not to lose all the ult progress when switching)
Hero 32
OW2 news hopefully
EDIT: i forgot 2-3-2 xd