NEWS YOU CAN USE! (Dev Update and patch notes)


Dev update: youtube. com/watch?v=s-XwHIlZU3k


World Cup Viewer
Introducing a special viewer for the Overwatch World Cup. Viewer will:

  • Run though game client
  • Allow for watching live gameplay
  • Grant spectator status to all users

The end goal is to create, among other things, a replay feature that allows players to spectate a recorded match from every angle.


Blizzcon will not feature a new map. Previous map launches at Blizzcon were overshadowed by other announcements. New maps are being developed, they just won’t be announced at Blizzcon. There will be other Overwatch announcements at Blizzcon, but definitely not maps.

Patch 1.3
Full list: Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2018


Roadhog’s hook and shotgun are being made more consistent and reducing the chance of a successful hook being broken through exploiting jump physics.

Reaper’s shotgun is being made more consistent and his self-heal is being increased significantly.

Lastly, Symmetra is getting is getting a speed boost to her damage ramp-up.

Those’re the major point from the Dev Update and the patch notes, and you got it all without watching a 20 minute video of speculation and theory crafting!