New Workshop Features on PTR

(Crossposting here from PTR: Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – July 15, 2020)
Hi everyone!

I wanted to drop this video we shared with our team during our milestone review of some of the fun new workshop features. It was a blast working on some of the features this release w/ Dan and Zach! We can’t wait to see what you all do with it


We’re super excited to have you guys try out the new Workshop features on the PTR! Let us know up here on the forums if you encounter any issues!


Dope food my dude! You’re a cool guy!

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This is so cool, thank you so much!!! I know a lot of people have wanted this for a long time, since years before the Workshop even. People are going to get so much creative and fun use out of this and I’m so excited! :smiley: :smiley:

What are your thoughts on adding something like the ability for a player to disguise themselves as one of the many objects on a map? Now that being a smaller size is possible, it really feels like we might be just a couple steps away from being able to make something like Prop Hunt! I’d love for that.

I’m envisioning those little physics-affected objects that you can punch and shoot, like cups and shelf decorations and things, rather than cars or trees. It might also work similarly to “Chameleon” in the Dark Souls games, where there’s a preset selection of objects you can turn into rather than being able to choose all of them. (The pool of eligible items accordingly does change depending on what level you’re in or around, so you can always fit in with that area. This could be map-based for OW for instance.)


This is AMAZING!
Thank you guys sososososo much for all of this! It’s huge!!

I cannot express how cool this is! Thank you for always listening to us and improving on the workshop!!


I have been away from it for a while and OOF this opens up SO many new opportunities!!!


THIS IS SO AMAZING! The tiny ulting Pharah was amazing!

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Additional to that, bigger script sizes would be great, some great Gamemodes like “Loot Quest” suffering from those limitations.


The scaling is a lot of fun! We really need an option to set the fire range now, though. Also, it seems like the weapons aren’t scaled correctly yet - tiny Reinhardt still has a pretty large hammer.


This is what I’ve been waiting for! We can now look out for new workshop content in this drought of overwatch content uwu

Oh my gosh what the heck will happen in OW2? :joy: They don’t make these for no reason


I can’t wait to see what TheWorkshopr will do with these…

As much as I love every new addition to workshop, this update seems mostly qol changes and funny stuff to fool around to me.

Though I’m really interested in these additions:

  • “Current Array Index” - no more filtered array(A, ... index of array value(A, current array element) ...)
  • “Mapped Array” - this is really useful to avoid some loops
  • “Input Binding String” - there is no explanation what this value is, but for me it sounds like this gives access to the full keyboard (at least on pc obviously). Does anyone know?

Input inding string refers to what key a player has that button bound to

For example, the binding string of interact is, by default, F.
With this you can have the gamemode just say exactly what button to press rather than having to explain what interact is. It’s a god send


Awww Pharah looks like a cute little angry fairy :heart_eyes: (0:53 in the video)
I love those changes, that was something I was wanting for a long time!

Seems all good but something is still missing for me :(.

Great update :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve noticed about the player scaling though, is that Orisa and Zarya appear to be firing into the ground when scaled to be larger than normal. They do fire their shots/beam at the correct location (damage is dealt), but visually they appear to be firing into the ground and not where they’re actually firing at. As far as I can tell this is only noticeable for Orisa and Zarya.

I’ve made a small test application where this can be seen:
HYA8H (PTR share code)

please with this new commands increase the limit of the elements, i always reach 20000! ahahah

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This is all great! Resizing and team stuff makes a lot of sense with how popular asymmetrical game modes are. Workshop settings are very cool, should make it much easier to make more easily customizable games.

Was messing around with the health pool stuff a bit. I understand that it caps at 16 per type, but what exactly happens if you continue to try to add more after the limit? I had a non-recoverable health pool being added to a hero every 0.25 seconds, and despite the server load staying pretty consistent around 50-60, it seems to close the server after 2 minutes each time. This is with me doing nothing, only having one hero with health pools. (Obviously this isn’t a very smart way to use health pools, but it still seems strange that it’d close the server)