New to Comp. Winning and Losing SR?

Hey there,

I’m kind of new to comp, in the sense that I normally just play placement matches and then I’m done with it. Although this season I’ve tried playing a bit more after placements.

Is it normal to lose more SR when you lose, than SR you gain by winning? When I win I tend to get 11-15, when I lose, I’m sure it’s always more than I gain. It just seems a tad demoralising. Sometimes I’ve won more games than I’ve lost, yet I’m below the SR that I started with that day.

I’m getting golds, regularly getting a card at the end. I dunno if that influences anything.

That is very low. 20-30 is normal. If true, that would mean that you are underperforming, statistically speaking. It is best to write down your SR after each match to have an accurate measure.

Overall, you have lost more than you have won this season, which is a problem, and the most important factor to work on.

Medals don’t matter. Performance is compared to other players of the same hero/SR/map.

I have a more complete explainer at How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 9).

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Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

On your last two competitive outings you lost 50 SR and 54 SR for two net losses each. Usually around 25 is normal so you are not far away.