New tank like torbjorn (summonable turrets)

(BEFORE I START MY KEYBINDS EFFECT THIS T = Ultimate | Q = Ability 1 | E = Ability 2 | Left click = Ability 3 (doom punch) PLEASE DONT SKIP THIS OR YOU’LL BE CONFUSED)

So everyone knows that the newest hero “Illari” has a turret she can place down to heal her team, and that “Torbjörn” and “Symmetra” also have summonable turrets they can place down to attack enemies for them. Well, what if there was a tank that can summon stuff?

I’ve been thinking, What if a tank had their ability one (Q) to be a Summonable Omnic like B.O.B? Except smaller, less health and does less damage. Then with the ability two (E) It can change the omnic to a Support to which it heals the team. Then with ability three (Left Click) Makes the omnic jump into the air and comes to where the cursor is. Then with the Ultimate (T), Summon both upgraded Support and DPS simultaneously (Literally just B.O.B But a little bit weaker and Illari healing pylon (but omnic) and alot better out at the same time)

Now wouldn’t this be a little overpowered?? Spamming Omnics over and over again? Well the limitations of it would be 1 Omnic spawned at a time per team, and the reason I didn’t include a destroy the omnic button is because there wouldn’t be a time for it to despawn, and if you wanted to destroy it you could either send it off the map, create a different variant of it or just re-locate it as there is no real reason you’d want to destroy it.

Q & A

Q: What are the summoning cooldowns?
A: Well the summoning would work like sym turrets, The circle above the indicates the cooldown, Instead of about 10 seconds cooldown it would be 15-20 as it is a ranged summonable DPS-Support turret

Q: What is the cooldown to move the omnic
A: 3 seconds with Ability three

Q: What Country is this person from
A: France

Q: What team is this guy on
A: Either Vishkar Architects or Overwatch

Q: What would their main weapon be
A: A sniper that can also be used as a close-ranged weapon (Like widows Kiss) (First ranged tank)

Q: Can the healing omnic heal other summonables?
A: Depends on which one
B.O.B :x:
Torb Turret :heavy_check_mark:
Sym turrets :heavy_check_mark:
Illari Pylon :heavy_check_mark:
Widows Venom Mine :x:
Sym Teleporter :heavy_check_mark:
Sym Wall :heavy_check_mark:
Tree of life :heavy_check_mark:
Self-Destruct :x:
Junk Tire :heavy_check_mark:
Mei wall :heavy_check_mark:
Ill add more based off of replies!!