New Symmetra should have more HP

And look at how that worked out for her!

You do realize that 95% of movement abilities can’t be used when caught by graviton right?

This is exactly what I thought when I heard shield gen wasn’t a thing anymore. Preach man, preach.

the teleporter doesn’t count as a movement ability, she places it, it’s not like Moira can’t warp out of grave either way and on top of that the devs themselves said that one of the uses is getting people out of grav… so… wat?

So…source? 20 Characters

Sym…sym…nope, it doesn’t ring a bell. Oh you mean the hero the community bullied into a rework. Gotcha. Sure give her more HP.

technically it should be +75 shields since symm is only a close range while shield gen is up… if it’s not you tend to wanna play her at a distance.

They are increasing her range, but i feel that without her photon barrier as a personal defensive, that she’d need a little more health to get by. But we’ll see how it goes.

Maybe they can give her a doomfist-like effect and have her gun recharge her shield when she does damage, but only when used against barriers.

i’m still hoping our alt fire goes through barriers but not people. so we can still counter pirate ship comps

Yeah 250 health would be perfect. Always had that thought, even before the rework.

I know teleporter works both ways. I am saying they never said you can use it while in grav. You are just assuming. Sombra can’t translocate out of a grav, reaper can’t shadow step out of it, Tracer can’t blink out, etc. Symmetra might not be able to place TP while in there either.

Her TP will work almost exactly like Reaper’s shadow step according to the description and he can’t even use that ability while in grav.

Jeff actually said they were using it to escape grav, but I doubt the enemy team won’t kill it before people could use it since it has a 2 seconds cast time.

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I mean he isn’t stating or assuming thing , goeff Goodman himself said that it will be usable to get out of grav , I think it’s because you have to trigger the teleportation yourself which make it a bit special

But from what he said it look like you have to use it from a distance , so maybe she won’t be able to use it if she is inside , but save her team if she is outside .
But in the middle of a gift I don’t think it will serve as a escape , remember you have to place it , you’ll most likely will turn your back , or don’t look at your ennemy while placing it , which will get you killed easier .

She will be kinda defenseless , her giant barrier ult won’t be there all the time , but at least she is the only defense hero with shield , even if there’s not that great because they don’t regenerate super fast

Why are you all so agressive by the way ?

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She is short range not melee range

Honestly, I think we should wait and see how this rework goes before we claim she needs more health. As a Sym main, I would like to see her have more health especially since photon barrier isn’t an basic ability any more and shield gen is gone, but us Sym mains need to be patient and wait. I think the Devs want to get her right this time and not end up doing another rework so let’s just judge after the rework is available

If I had to guess I would say it is the same as Zarya, since they said she will have medium range with it. Zarya is what, 15m?

Moira’s beam is NOT lock on. Not even a little bit.

I am not sure who you are replying to but if it was to me…

You are stating exactly what I said. I never said getting people out of grav was impossible. I said the person was assuming it was possible to get people out of grav while being “inside” the grav yourself which is all an assumption without evidence. If the TP follows the rules of every other ability that is similar to it (shadow step, translocator, etc) then you will not be able to get out of grav with it. That is also an assumption but it’s an assumption based on actual evidence of similar abilities.

You will, however, be able to save your team from a grav if you are outside of it and place a TP inside of it. This is known because the dev already said it in the post you quoted.

See above. The quote by Geoff (not Jeff) says she can get people out of grav from far away it says nothing about her using her TP while inside the grav herself.

Tack on an extra 25 shields. From her Photon Shields way back in the 1.0 days.
I think 250 is a bit much for all she can do, but I also feel that she needs a little bump.

my issue is every hero with a really limited distance has a way of like, protecting themselves while closing distance
like zarya, rein, and others
sym sounds pretty fragile with nothing else to protect her :/c
considering the ramp up takes 6 seconds now to reach 190 dmg


She will no longer be a melee range character. She will have a longer reach with her primary and a secondary that moves at just under the speed of Pharah’s rockets. This means that even when her primary is not an option she will have a means to engage enemies at range. She will no longer have to chase enemies down.