New symmetra ability

LET SYMMETRA BUILD A RAMP. I figure with her background/lore this would be awesome since obtaining high ground seems like such an important aspect of every match that it could be meta changing. Also, giving players more of a chance to be creative for attacking as well as defending.


She has one now. It’s her new teleporter.


I mean i guess we’ll see cause I havent seen any concrete confirmation.

I can give your amazing idea some spice. Using weapon swap she would be able to change her E.
Also this ramp should give a speed boost in one direction. Give this ability like 300hp.
As for a 3rd thing to swap to, she should be able to place a small barrier cover that only fully covers you if you crouch and has 500hp. All thia can be projected and could even be used on walls if you want to protect your turrets. This would still make Winston still viable against Sym if the turrets are covered by the barrier.

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For some reason the link isnt working…


To be fair, this isnt a final verdict still. Clearly, they are still adjusting her as we speak.