New Symmetera is a Massive Nerf

Geoff didn’t compare it to Zarya beam, OP did.


I still think Symmetra needs a fornite builder ability. Since, according to her lore, she builds structures. That would be a perfect defense for her.

  • Brigitte does the lowest DPS in the game. Brigitte without abilities does practically zero damage.

  • Symmetra’s beam being made like Zarya’s is a pretty significant buff, because Zarya can melt enemies at full charge. Sym literally only has to keep her crosshair on someone for a few seconds to get there, instead of managing two alternating CDs to keep charge up.

  • You neglected to mention Geoff also said that shooting barriers not only charges Sym’s new beam, but it also refunds the ammo cost so you can keep shooting it. :skull_and_crossbones: Rein, Orisa, and Winston…


No offense, but I don’t see how Symmetra can possibly get worse considering how lackluster and artificially inflated her stats are.

The only possible way she could get worse is if they took away all of her abilities and just left her with her Shield Generator.

Honestly, we just have to wait until we actually see this new Symmetra in action.


Even if it is Moira beam sized… that is still pretty meh.

You wont be able to maintain a perfect lock, which will slow down the building of the charge level. Not to mention she will literally have the slowest time to kill on squishies in the entire game.

And that includes Ana and Mercy. And since it is no longer a lock on, that level of poor DPS is going to be terrible when facing a mobile enemy like Tracer since you have to keep it on Tracer for >3 seconds (thanks recall)

It doesn’t sound like shields are included, but that’s just my opinion.

It will still be an overall buff to her. Geoff also said the changes are still subject to change.


It is easy to predict the result as we have an existing character - Zaraya to compare it to.

She uses straight beam attack, so we already have a rough idea of her attack style.

They are not changing her health, mobility, and removing her defensive ability.

That means we know for certain her method of engaging with shield is no longer an option. So she has to engage with a meele ranged weapon with finite range and has no way to defend her self until she reaches range.

Brigette has a Shield to close the range
Doomfist has his Manuverability
Moria has Fade
Rein has a Shield
Zaraya has a shield + high health

Which means she is now infinitely more vulnerable to all range attacks.

We also know that Pharah has been upgraded from “hard counter” to God Tier Counter.


it will be larger than a zarya… they literally stated the beam would be thick


If it’s Moira sized (which is the size of a maximum circle crosshair), that’s pretty damn generous, and very chargeable on larger hitbox/grounded targets.

But yeah, like someone above said, we don’t even have a video. So speculation is pretty pointless. I was merely pointing out that nowhere was it mentioned from an official channel to be Zarya sized.


Am I on the only one that thinks this is a huge buff? 130 aoe damage? mobile turrets that have 2x the strength that can be placed literally anywhere now


That wouldn’t be fair to Zaraya if it was thicker than her beam. Nor would it make much sense, considering she is carrying a massive gun to make such a big beam.

The only option would have to be a smaller thickness beam than Zaraya but maybe longer.

She’s a tank though. And her damage output is still very, very good for a tank.

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Mathematically speaking, Symmetra’s time to kill on most of the cast only got shortened by 0.4s, while her aim requirement went up from nonexistent to difficult. (Tracking consistently for 2+ seconds is non trivial).

So basically even if you had perfect aim, you would only be barely matching Winston’s TTK on squishies. And she is a 200 HP hero.


No one is mentioning that Genji gets a Massive Buff with these changes as he loses a counter.


Lol no.

Genji was never countered by Sym. Any Genji that was countered by Sym was a terrible Genji.


Her range (and thus viability in combat) would increase though. Can’t have it both ways. I’d much rather play a character that has to aim to deal damage and can do so from further than 9m than a character who’s helpless beyond that until she gets a tether.

She was only a counter to bad Genjis.

Symmetera makes Genji life a living hell if she places her turrets across an area. Now she only gets 3 turrets.

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Consider this, she would basically be holding the equivalent of an uncharged Zarya beam. In fact it would actually take an uncharged Zarya beam less time to kill a squishy than Symmetra.

If anything Symmetra is just going to end up countering Reinhardt and Orisa… and no one else, because she can farm charge on their giant shield.

Wow I don’t play Sym but these changes sound pretty cool and I will pick her up after this rework hits

The community wanted a rework and they got one


Her old damage capped out at 120 and it took 2 seconds to get there. And it started at 30

Now she gets to 130 after 2 seconds (that’s higher than 120 btw) and it starts higher than it used to. Oh… And it’ll keep going after.

And 30 m/s is decent for a projectile that does 130 damage with splash and no cooldown on a 1 second charge time.

That’s 3× faster than her current orb. 50 percent faster than a Moira orb, and just fast enough it’s pretty comparable to a Hog hook.

So no… it’s really not a nerf. Like… at all.

But old if it’s gonna make her viable either.