New Patch Released Accidentally New Year Achievements?


As said in the title, in the achievements section under the specials (event achieve.) their appeared 2 new achievements:

Captured -> Capture a flag in a game of capture the flag.

Delivery Interruption -> Kill an enemy as they carry the flag in a game of capture the flag.

The New Year event of 2019 /Year of the Boar (Pig) is the event which brought us the CTF mode normal/ranked. Which could also prove the miss release is, that the achievements currently don’t reward you with an spray like all the other do.

What do you guys think?


It looks like that’s exactly what they did. Up until the update for the Bastet challenge I had all of the special achievements unlocked, so I was very confused when I played a game of CTF in the arcade and got the popup for an achievement when I captured a flag.

As you indicated, there isn’t any text specifying what the reward is, and the spot where you would normally see the reward spray is just a solid dark-blue box.

CTF is currently in the weekly arcade slot, so they’ll probably end up fixing this (as opposed to simply withholding the CTF game-type until the new year event rolls around).

I’ll add an update when the event starts; either I’ll unlock the spray immediately when the event actually goes live, or the achievement will be redacted and I’ll have to earn it again.


Now that the event is live, the achievements still show as unlocked, and I can see the sprays on the achievement tiles, but the sprays are locked in my hero gallery.

Blizzard has confirmed they are aware of the bug and are working on a fix per the following thread:


Since the Lunar New Year event has started, I can confirm that these were indeed achievements for the Lunar CTF season. I unlocked the achievements on the first week of Ana’s Bastet Challenge since the game mode was in the Arcade rotation.

Now that the event has actually come, it shows that I unlocked both achievements on 01/08/2019 under the Career Profile menu, but, the sprays are still locked (once I go to the Hero Gallery menu) and there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to unlock them.

I tried doing the actions necessary to unlock the sprays but to no avail. Hoping I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.


I‘ve just logged in now and looked up the sprays again, they are unlocked now. :smile: