New patch on PTR

Maybe if you believe hard enough…

I mean I just tested PTR and it looks marginally bigger to me.

I was just posting a link someone else gave.

I think it is just polite when someone posts a link, but can’t make it viewable, then you should do so.

I haven’t had a chance to verify a damn thing yet.

Though, it seems like (from other peoples comments) that Moira’s orbs are now faster (which I think is a nerf really)

But until the patch notes come out, who knows whats up.

Ha ha ha! XD

Well, given the state of Orisa at the moment, i daresay that she would not be seen much of soon, me thinks.
Rein would appear to be the way to go, now, me thinks.

Yes, I know it’s fake


Sadly you are probably correct and whoever runs Orisa on defense will win while the idiot that goes Rein to hold highground will cost us the game. I love it.

I think the bigger issue is that the health and CD are no longer appropriate. But yeah, it does go down extremely easy now.

Understood and yes, i do the same.
Otherwise, what is the point of being trust level 3 if not to assist others.

Aye, waiting for more from you and Boshy.

I agree. If the orbs move faster, it is not really all that helpful.
That said, if that is true, again, it just points that the Devs are moving the game to be on an even faster pace than it is now.
Wow, i wonder how these old bones of mine are gonna keep up with the increased pace…

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about as well as my ‘approaching 50 year old booty’ will. aka, not really at all :wink:


It’s frighteningly similar to how D.Va has been nerfed over time. Obsolete nerfs stacking on top of other nerfs until the character becomes useless for years to come.

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Wait they actually nerfed hanzo and doom properly?

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The host of the custom game said that he can change region in game. And it was true, he is restarting game and we got the ping from 60 to 500.

nope it was bait (but REALLY good bait)

The Hanzo was particularly believable. Would be so Bliz like to take two suggested nerfs offered for Hanzo and apply then both in the same patch destroying him overnight


Indeed, however, being an Ori user in competitive mode, i can deal with the HP decrease if the CD ain’t so long.
I was basically face eating bullets for hours yesterday to keep my team alive which resulted in me being dead a lot. The disparity b/w a 10 second shield CD and just a 8 sec Fortify CD is just too much.
If the Devs wants us to be more aggressive and i have no issue with that, i was the Orisa who always threw shields forward and move ahead, Fortify should either last 0.5 seconds longer or the CD for either shield or Fortify just a tad shorter.
Or give Ori that little bit more mobility.

Sorry for the long post, VA.
I seldom have any opinions about balance (you may be aware of that) but this recent patch has obviously gotten me in a tizzy as i am sure, many of my fellow Tankers as well.


Aye, don’t i know it.
Same here, mid-40s “old man” here.
50 is just a corner peek away… XD


Storm Arrow damage to 60 would be reasonable.

The changes are up now… it’s just bug fixes mainly.

1,3 GB in bug-fixes and small QoL features? Sure Blizzard, you keep your secrets. :thinking:

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It has a slight height increase.
Very slight I think.