New Leadership for Overwatch

So what will jeff be doing now?


I am sad too. Good Luck, Daddy Jeff :heart:

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My guess, he’s probably going to Dreamhaven.


Eh I mean despite the millions of dollars the game has made in MTX… the return of profits into the game have been very minor. Their teams apparently so small they can’t release new hero’s and balance it at the same time. Or work on the sequel without giving up on seasonal events…

Tons of promises by Jeff have been proven lies and abandoned over the years. Again like I said despite record breaking profits in MTX OVerwatch seems to have been run by a shoe string budget and every little task had them shifting dev teams around and abandoning other parts of the game.

I can’t help but feel some one abandoned this game years ago and Jeff was trying his best with what little he had… and I think he basically gave up. I kind of worry about how OW2 will turn out. It’s been hyped up a lot, has taken about 3-4 years of updates and development from the base game…

and I just can’t help but think nothing they make can justify what it cost at this point.


Sorry, but April 1 was already 20 days ago…


Maybe because my immediate reaction is never a conspiracy theory.

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This is so sad :frowning:

OOOOOOOHHHH NICE. But losing Jeff? Didn’t agree with all his choices but OW is my favorite game and he directed it to become that.

This is… a horribly mixed bag that’s leaning on the “oof” side of things


I… I dunno how to feel about this…
His awkward speech, his dad jokes, his “umms” and “aaahs”
I have my problems with this game and all but… I’m just sad now
I feel kinda guilty for my criticism, ngl

Oh Jeff :c


Oh, wow…

Bye papa Jeff. I hope you move on to better things and that your future is bright :heart:


Nooooooo… Papa Jeff!

Thank you for all the work you’ve done on Overwatch and WoW. We appreciate everything your work on those games, and the community! Best of luck on your future endeavors!


Honestly, this could be bad.

But not 100% myself right now. (Didn’t have a good night)

… hes really cute tho, not gonna lie. dont crucify me but i will gladly take this new Daddy Aaron with open arms <3

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RIP overwatch :sob: :sob:

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Wow this is unexpected, especially considering OW2 is yet to come out :slightly_frowning_face:. Always seemed like a pretty smart and funny guy and I admired how he did his live Blizzcon presentations; with confidence and some jokes on the side. He will be missed very much. I wonder what he’ll do next.

I’m putting you in horny jail.


I myself have meet Aaron Keller three times now. Once at the Team 4 studio, once at the Blizzard Arena, and once at BlizzCon. He’s a pretty cool fellow and from what I know of him he is extremely passionate about Overwatch.

I will have more intimate thoughts about this news posted at a later time.


Is this the OW2 update that Jeff was talking about for March/April?


For the last 2-3 years as OW kept falling, I always knew as long as Jeff was still at the helm there was a future that could be bright again.

You knew with certainty that he had the same passion and love of the game that we all had playing it, and he would use it combined with his role to push the game in the right direction as much as he could.

That’s gone now. Everything OW becomes moving forward will take a series of new directions based on new leadership.

It’s not overstating it to say, Jeff was to OW, what Steve Jobs was to Apple.

And like Apple, OW will never be what it could have been.


Aarron is a good dude, so I’m happy for him.

He’s probably the 2nd best from Jeff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: