New hero abilities?


As far as I know, there is no source of non-recoverable health in Overwatch. Winston’s ult gives an additional 500 HP, but you can recover that health in the form of healing (I know it’s temporary, but while it lasts it is for all intents and purposes real health). There are three sources of non-recoverable shielding (dark blue health) that come from Doomfist’s passive, Wrecking Ball’s shield, and Lucio’s ultimate, and three sources of non-recoverable armor in Brigitte’s kit and Torbjorn’s Overload ability.

So, does specifically saying “non-recoverable health” imply the abilities of the next hero (who’s hints we should be seeing in the next week or so), considering there never has been a source of non-recoverable health in the game? Is it a necessary distinction in coding preparing for the abilities of a support hero who straight up increases a target’s health, who brings Total Mayhem to the rest of the game?


Some sort of overheal like Medic in TF2? I could imagine it to Echo tbh.


I could see that. Although Echo comes off as more of the shield support old Sym was supposed to be


It might depend upon what game effect they classify as non-recoverable health, and it might also strictly be the order they go in if it is ever introduced.