New forums are cool, but where is the new Hanzo?


Hanzo could get a movement ability or a scatter arrow replacement. One in the teams mind is an Arrow Volley, where he can just shoot arrows at full charge (lowered damage) in a rapid succession.


https:// us.battle .net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759436422?page=1

The new Volley ability was my first suggestion for a replacement in this thread a few months back, so I am quite excited to get to play it :smiley:


Personally I can’t wait to see scatter be replaced (hopefully it is). I want Hanzo to be viable without having to keep scatter.


I don’t have an opinion on scatter in favor of or against it, but I want to see Hanzo a desired hero in competitive play.


Me too, along with Mei, Doomfist, Sombra, etc…

(Jeff Kaplan) #11

We haven’t had a chance to put any visual effects, sound effects or animations on his new abilities. We were playtesting the changes for a while to make sure we wanted to commit the art resources. We’re now at the point where we can schedule time for our artists and sound designers to work on Hanzo. Once they are close to done, he’ll make his way to the PTR.

The changes we made to Doomfist, Sombra and Mei did not require any art or sound time so it was easier to get those up for public testing.

Hanzo Change Idea
Will Scatter Arrow be replaced in the Brigitte patch?
Increased Cooldown for Scatter Arrow

Wow, that’s taken awhile. Hopefully it turns out good.


This is nice, I like the new orange text too. Hopefully this new Hanzo change will make everybody happy.


Well according to this… It can take 2 or more weeks to be put in the PTR…

At least the DF and Sombra changes are coming faster which is nice.


Thanks jeff for the quick reply, given how the topic rolled, it really looked like something that would happen in the next 1 or 2 weeks. Good to know we need to be patient and not get dissapointed with the delay.


Thanks for the update Jeff, glad you’re willing to keep us in the loop, you’re awesome! Definitely appreciate the response, the work going into things, and the general effort you guys are putting into making things better!
Absolutely looking forward to playing him, it sounds like he is going to be really fun!


Could you keep the “simple geometry” and “scattuh!” lines? They still kinda fit with how you described Volley, and they’ve become so iconic with Hanzo, it’s a shame if they were deleted. The Volley arrows still “scatter” technically, I guess. I just don’t want more iconic lines removed from this game.

Really excited for the rework, though! I love the ideas for Hanzo!


That all makes sense. Thank you so much for filling us in, Jeff!


That makes sense. But that also means that this will be the point of no return?


Orange text? Are the forums implying that your posts are…legendary?

On a related note, the video on making Junkertown came to mind when you mentioned sounds…I wonder how elaborate Hanzo’s sound effects will be.


are the changes that you guys settled on the same as the ones geoff shared with us a couple of weeks back (volley, lunge)?

if so can’t wait to try the new hanzo :o


can hanzo fire during his lunge?
or is it like mccree?


I just wish this type of feedback actually gave a time estimate even if vague (expect it to hit PTR in 1-3 months ect) And if delays pop up just put a new post here in the Official Forums


I can’t wait, ty. …


So excited! I can’t wait to try him!