New feature no one is talking about

Because most ppl don’t care about the worskhop but the main game.


i think the other very large part (i guess) is missing out personally…especially if youre someone constantly complaining about lack of content…

the amount of stuff people have come up with is literally ridiculous


It is nothing compared to TF2 and besides ppl are here for the main game because that is the main reason they bought it.

Personally I would rather program a game from scratch than wasting my time to do less with the limited workshop.


everything is relative…its still a lot…and im sure workshop modes are not the reason people play in most games (including TF2)…

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Welp, it is way to wait for actual game i guess for many people, but that is not a game they want to play or care that much about. At least i assume since people wait for match long time, but i dont think as many people would wait for custom game matches.

We’re glad you’re enjoying the new custom games browser.

I use custom games to fill the time while I’m waiting in queue, and this new feature has helped me discover some new modes that aren’t aim trainers or parkour of some sort :slight_smile:. My favorites so far have been Flappy Mercy and the Boss Battle modes.


…Still waiting on the new map to go live and possible lore.

Is there lore coming with the map or no?

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i literally have 145+ hours on it and i’ve only played overwatch for 200 hours

1K damage is also a classic

I care 0% about workshop.


Well, I know I spammed the workshop devs about improving discoverability during their last interview.

[💭] Workshop Devs, interviewed by SVB

Probably was already on their minds, but happy to see it happen.


Andy you should give third person overwatch a try. I would actually love for that to become an arcade mode.


im now checking the workshop in 1 hour just to see if you pushed it into the top games screen

i do believe it’s a cool addition, but i still prefer the old browser, and although it’s still there, i’d appreciate if there was an option to open that section up automatically

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It’s on my list of modes to try, along with Genji dodgeball and Ana golf.


Glad to hear it buddy!


Did the lawsuits around harassment, bullying and discrimination have any effect on launching new features?

What is Flappy Mercy?

Make sure you get the aim perfect 3rd person mode. There is a few early versions that have where you are shooting slightly off of where you are aiming, but later versions correct this so its 1 to 1 where you are aiming and where you are going to shoot.

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You got a code for that one buddy? Some of them are a bit annoying because they clip behind the walls. I wonder if that has been fixed?