NEW CHARACTERS! From creative game designers!

We have been waiting on this concept for years, and I need the team to make the new characters. We need a new Native American Sioux Indian Tank who uses the longbow! He is a healing tank. He can throw his atladl to stun the enemy. His are like Hanzo, Finally another bowman but he uses the longbow! He heals those nearby him as a passive when he uses an ability temporarily, His ultimate is like Hanzos ultimate but it is the memories of his ancestors. A stampede of buffalo instead of dragons come out of his bow and the area deals not as much damage as hanzos ultimate but also heals allies and can make it so players can survive though Hanzo’s ultimate. Having a Native American in the game would open up the cowboys and indians possibilities which would be really cool to explore more Since this new character probably has a gripe with the Ashe and the Cowboy. This is the first character I need ya’ll to get on. We have another native american character an old lady shaman who would be a healer support.

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