New Character #2

The other new character you wont be able to deny is a new animal character. Another monkey. A little monkey who takes apart omnecs. She explored omnecs and hacked them and made them her own. She is a tinkerer. She is from the philipines. She is a support character unlike anyone else. She is a monkey with a drone. The drone is capable of hovering on its own but can be attached to other players to give them a hovering ability and it also has a low damage turret perhaps. The special thing about the little monkey is she can switch between the drone view and the monkey view. As She was an escaped experiment monkey that is now able to control omnics. She speaks tagalog. The monkey form can climb like genji run around or ride on a player’s back healing them. You can still shoot your weak little blaster. The character is supposed to be in two parts almost like Torbjörn with a bot section. What would be cool is if you could leave half of your character attached to another player and healing them or giving them mobility depending on the part you give to them. You can control either the monkey or the droid and one of your abilities is to switch between the droid’s perspective to make the flying turret shoot or to control the monkey who goes into a trance like when junkrat does his ultimate when switching the FPV consciousness to the droid just standing there unless a teammate can pick her up for healing. Now that’s a new character. it would be super cute and small and different and you would have a little monkey to be friends with the big monkey

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