Nerf orisa shes unkillable

Shes unkillabel lives fkrever, ehen youve alnost killed her she gains even more health back, plus her abilities make it nearly impossible to land a hit on her or at least a good hit. Please fix your tank heros


Honestly, the tanks should be heavily nerfed in general.
They have too much power over the outcome of the game, whoever has the best tank win.
You can be the best DPS in the lobby and still feel like an NPC.


It’s not the tank, other than roadhog, it’s the healing.

OMG they gonna ask to nerf every tank instead of killing the supports…

Please learn how to play before crying over the game.


Nerf tank damage output. Switch it back to 2-2-2.


Shoot the healer → horse dies quick


Ignore the Orissa, go for the back line, kill the back line, kill the Orissa :man_shrugging:t5:


Take out her supports, shooting the horse is a waste of time


People don’t get that any more than they understand that pressuring the zarya if she’s overextended will kill her before she can become a threat.

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Kill supports first. Doesnt matter the tank. Kill them first

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She needs her fortify duration reduced its like 5 seconds and her other abilities are off cd after fortify duration lol

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She is not. I have killed her easy as reaper. Zarya gets charged easy from Orisa. There’s so many games where the Orisa has far more than 0 deaths.

Stop shooting the horse.

I mean, there are a lot of ways to counter orisa (or at least to no get rolled by her lol) but I will just want to recommend u what works for me (context: in plat).
Pull out the Winston (if ur playing tank obviously) and divide their team in 2 with ur dome consistently (not necessary to full commit, just annoy them). Maybe you wont get any backline kills but atleast, eventually, u will isolate her and she wont receive heals for a while.
If the other team has a Reaper I don’t really panic. If u are constantly aware of his position, u may make him follow u for the entire map and he wont get any value

Maybe ur problem comes from the fact that u maybe had the habit of playing dps = destroy barriers, burst the sht out of tanks!!. Im not blaming u if thats the case bc it happened to me too.
OW2 doesnt work like that anymore. All the tanks in general are more tanky, plus u dont get the same amount of ult charge from shooting them. So, the DPS have to change their gameplay to a more tactical approach

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This is true, However, most Orisa players will just run through the DPS and Support and Javelin/Spin push you into a corner and destroy you.

But, I also must say this is a positioning issue. If the Horse can get to you then you are too close.

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Her fortify is actually bugged and mitigates more damage than it’s actually supposed to by a significant amount my partner who was a top 500 ow1 player ran the numbers on it and iirc she’s actually taking close to 75 percent less damage in fortify

The duration of her Fortify is a bit too long. Try to kill the supports instead of her.

Dude must be 6 years old cause that spelling was something else. Also complaining on your 2nd post? This guy is either stupid or a troll.

Until your heals are dog because they just bought the game last week but the matchmaker thinks they belong above Bronze.