Nerf Moira dmg orb already


Mind you, I out heal bad Mercy’s often, but a good Mercy? Get out of here.

And no offense, Ana can snipe from a distance. Bad example is bad.


Even with her fade though she’s well in Reaper’s range if he keeps walking towards her. Plus Reaper’s burst damage kills her faster than she can self heal.

I’ve played enough Moira to say that Reaper stands a very fair chance against her.


I get you, but you don’t get my point I think. Yes all the healers have their niche. While Ana excels at a distance, Moira is super strong as a frontline healer. But on top of it she has this outstanding dmg potential the others lack. And this makes her so much superior to the remaining supports. All I’m saying.


You know, this is a very smart solution!

Oh wait! The orb will disconnect, fly at the speed of light, bounce 20 times and find you again! REE try again.


I think her pick rate would dominate if that were true.


Just saying. (20 characters)


Dude, she literally is the most picked hero atm. Especially in higher tiers.
Look it up if you don’t believe me.


Just saying what?

GM level - There are 4 supports listed
Master Level - There are 4 supports listed
Diamond - There is 4 supports listed
Platinum - There is 4 supports listed
Gold - There is 4 supports listed
Silver - There is 4 supports listed
Bronze - There is 4 supports listed

And nobody on this forum thinks that maybe, after the Mercy nerfs that maybe those support healing mains might have shifted to another support character to learn and main? Come on.

It’s funny how fine Moira was before the Mercy nerfs. But magically, she’s now overpowered.


And you see no correlation between the Mercy nerfs and the higher pickrate? Maybe it’s because she’s absolutely fantastically fun to play.


Top 2 most picked heroes in 5/7 ranks. In the other two ranks top 4. Absolutely favourite support in every rank, except for Zenyatta at GM.


Yeah I admit. But mercy was a must-pick because she was simply too strong, no? So now Moira took her place. Don’t get me wrong, I think she can be balanced by just minor changes. I love her unique play style. And you are absolutely right, this makes her really fun to play.


Moira is absolutely dominating the game, at every rank, works with every comp, viable in every scenario. Sounds familiar? (Heroes never die!)


Nothing changed about her.

By all means, nerf her though. Allow the bad DPS to dictate when supports die. And when you cry that nobody is taking a support with a 6 DPS team comp, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.


https: //www. overbuff. com/heroes (remove spaces)

Comparing Moira’s stats to Ana is just painful to see.


And yet you play Ana more than Moira by an incredible margin.

Also odd, or rather, not surprising, you are asking for a nerf to the counter to your other mostly played character Genji.

I’ve played Ana, I think she needs a buff personally. She’s the only healer that I just simply don’t get. She feels like a secondary healer at best.


I didn’t say stay still while it travels 40 meters, I said she can be within that and easily take off 30-40% of your hp with 0 effort, it doesn’t have to be 40, you see moira can walk in 20 meter distance(she’s not glued to 30+ meters), use ball, hold right click, and whenever she loses too much hp fade away and repeat without punishment : )


dude loking at your silver SR, its probably you who should work on that.


Did you crawl out of your hole to insult somebody relatively new to the scene? Seriously? Even as a new player, I understand concepts well, which you apparently don’t. Troll


Moira doesn’t fit every comp and isn’t a must pick.
Divey comp with flankers? There goes moira’s group heal.
If you lose a duel with moira as a dps, YOU are to blame unless you were low. Most dps (Soldier helix, Genji dash, Mccree flashbang+fth, Tracer 1 clip, Widow hs, junk and Pharah high dmg projectiles) have burst damage. If you can kill moira in less than 2 seconds she isn’t an OP dps flanker she’s just a support out of position. Punish her for it.
And tanks work too btw.


Posters chatbox shortly after they died:

“I don’t get why no onewwwwwwwaaassasaaadddddsssaaawwwwwwqaaaeeeeee”