Nerf Hanzo's storm arrows damage not to 70, but to 75

So he can still 1 shot Tracers.

Yes Tracer is not the best in this meta, but after the nerfs come (and they will come) Tracer will raise again. She is still a good pick in GM and top players that know how to play her.

And thats a good thing. 75 damage denies the ability to 1 shot Players with damage boost or discord orb (75dmg * 1.3 = 97.5 * 2 = 195) , but still 1 shots Tracer without a damage boost.


From 450 burst dmg, to a sh’ttier version of McCrees primary on a cooldown. Amazing.


*480 burst damage

And after the nerf, it’s 420 damage. I don’t know how can you say “It’s a sh*ttier version of Mccree’s Primary on cooldown” when it clearly isn’t.

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I’m talking about scatter. That was 450 dmg in oneshot.
It is a sh*ttier version of McCrees primary because its projectile and on a cooldown, while McCee has only to reload.
Only advantage it has is against barriers and stationary tanks.

I get the feeling that if a hero was released with a button that just deletes Tracer from the game, people would defend it.


One shotting tracer was the best thing about storm arrows. Ugggggh.

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Scatter was a great ability to deal with Tracer. Storm arrows are worse, but you get multiple opportunities to hit your shot.
Now with basically nerfing it to 70 dmg, you cant even kill her with a headshot. If you dont even land a headshot, you need 5 bodyshots to kill her, if you factor recall in.
This nerf is totally catered to her.

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Well yeah they literally cite killing 150hp heroes as being one of the reasons they’re removing the mechanic. I think it was a common sentiment around a lot of high ranking players that it’s a bit too spammy and fast for how effective it was.

It’ll still be effective against Tracer though. Tracer’s weaknesses tend to be being weaker than other heroes when facing focus fire or damage amps. Shooting six 140 potential damage shots within two seconds will make Tracer think twice about engaging when there’s a Moira around.

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McCree can’t fire without delay and one-shot squishies. :thinking:

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I’ll actually say no to that because Hanzo needs more weaknesses at close range.

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Nerf Hanzo’s Storm Arrows Damage Not To 70, But To 75

They also need to reduce the amount of arrows from 6 -> 5 and increase the cooldown to 10 seconds since he is really strong right now …
Doing so should lower his effectiveness against tanks and his ult charge since less damage overall.
This is a bigger nerf to hanzo than the current planned nerf whilst keeping the tracer matchup as is, rather have this than punishing players for clicking heads.

Current storm arrows 480 dmg
Planned nerf 420 dmg
Preferred Nerf 375 dmg (arrows to 5, arrows -5 ea)

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I don’t know how many of you played during the summer of fan the hammer, but it was easily the most obnoxious thing because the only deciding factor for winning was to beat the other McCree to the flashbang.

There’s a reason fan the hammer doesn’t do 70x6 anymore, and I don’t expect fan the bow to stay at 70x6 for long, either.

And 10 or 12 sec cd.

Flashbang is an ability that kills a squishy almost every single time.

Hanzo cannot fire without a delay.

Storm Arrows are an ability, and are less reliable than Flashbang.

Why are you even comparing these two heroes?

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Lad, I’m not the one who started comparing the two. You’re supporting me here.

Just stay close to brig she can give her a quick whack or better yet stun her. Then you can still one shot her.

Honestly I do think it’s a bit weird that they picked that number but I like to bother people :wink: