Nerf hanzo for god sake

I got headshot killed by a bouncing storm arrow while I was in the corner of the mini room on junker town 1, not even peeking the door, clearly I got outplayed clearly I made a positioning mistake…


I will always be better than the other guy.

As a great philosopher once said, though you may not know Levi’s true name, you know that you are Levi’s true friend. He was very wise and we would still be tight even if you made an account called “NotThiccBuddha’sHomie.”

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His storm arrow needs one or two arrow removed in exchange for his old projectile speed back.


Or at the very least NOT be able to headshot 5 times in 1 second…


We could talk about how you got a super awesome POTG yesterday. That’s something fun we can do! You did get a POTG yesterday, right?

Hog can oneshot which is a “tank” and hanzo not anymore? Who is in the role of a sniper? Hanzo only has an op storm arrow

All I played yesterday was the pve modes lmao

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It saddens me to not like Hanzo anymore. I was a Hanzo main when he was considered a troll pick.

I truly wish they did something other than give him a shoot faster button.

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Even DPS mains hate Hanzo because he’s unfair to play against and not everyone wants to play the hero that doesn’t require any skill at all to land kills.


I agree he needs tuning down.

And less QoL so he actually has to think about what he’s doing.

Sonic Arrow shouldn’t do any damage. (Or maybe just 25 for kill contributions). Storm Arrows shouldn’t be able to headshot, like fan the hammer.

And he shouldn’t be able to use a Storm Arrow and convert it into a Sonic Arrow. Just like with Genji being able to micro-cancel deflect, the responsibility and ‘cost’ of many DPS heroes using their utility has been removed, making them stronger and harder to make mistakes.

Diving a Hanzo as Monkey should not be suicide! Storm Arrows need to chill, I agree.


Even if Storm Arrow was 60 per shot and a normal arrow was 120 as a bodyshot from Widow everyone will still use him because there’s also Mercy that can make any nerf useless :man_shrugging:

Even with 4 Storm Arrow he will still be a killer machine :face_with_monocle:

Yes, I forgot how many people die to Storm Arrow vs FtH.
Not that I like both, but lmfao.

Nerf all dps it aint just hanzo

The Game balancing has been this so far:-

Buff dps for a meta that never existed outside OWL

Nerf tanks to compensate even though they were weak as crap already

Nerf support healing

Nerf shields even though you’ve buffed damage

Never give dps any meaningful nerfs again but pretend you did

Nerf supports & tanks further

Allow OP DPS to be OP because if you do t dps will whine & complain about things not dying even though the real reason is they are just not good

Scumbag dps & there beliefs they have the god given right just to kill the rest of us with the cluck of one button without actually trying are the issue here not tanks or support

While it’s fair to say that maybe Hog shouldn’t one shot the post is about Hanzo’s issues. And I disagree that Hanzo is a sniper. Hanzo is more a mid range hero that has equal potential at all ranges. So really just a mess of a design. Atleast with the actual sniper heroes they’re weaker close range.

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Don’t forget that, for some unimaginable reason, they also gave storm arrows crit damage. So he can do a lot more than that.


Storm Arrow should be for self defence and only self defence, not also for obliterate anything in front of him :face_with_monocle:

hey i actually agree with the thread starter he does need to be nerfed


This is so great it has to be satire. “Advanced movement”? He has an air dash and wallclimb, both of which he can hold arrows nocked during. What is advanced about that?

Hanzo has top tier spam potential, and an INCREDIBLY low skill floor.


Despite this rhetoric against Hanzo, he is still picked less than a lot of hit-scan DPS.

GM: Most to least picked

Hanzo is definitely the strongest projectile DPS in the game but quite frankly projectile heroes in general will never be able to match hit-scan. Hit-scan is just such an OP mechanic in a game like Overwatch.

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Counterpoint: Genji had a top 5 PR on ladder during the entirety of GOATS, a comp he is beyond useless against.

Until the absolute top ranks, people by large pick characters they enjoy, regardless of public perception.

Pick rate is a notoriously bad gage of hero strength.