Nerf hanzo for god sake

Can we finally nerf this boy
a character with wallhack and 1 shot
couldnt be better XDD
why he can 1 shot people
make him reload arrows
or his headshots only make 180
and normal shots 100 like every sniper else
or nerf him 175 hp or i dont know just change him some how


He reloads every shot


no i mean like reload like ashe or widow her gun reload


I will say its annoying that I can shoot him many times as a genjji than just be yeeted by one lucky shot.


Storm Arrows needs to be 3 shots, specially now with that bouncing bullcrap.


Shhhhh, the dps mains might hear you.


DPS main here.

I freaking HATE Hanzo, he’s a boring spammy character with boring whiny lore, and an overloaded kit.

He’s going to catch nerfs when OW2 comes out, and everyone realizes how oppressive he can be without another tank to help mitigate his endless falloff free damage.


Hanzo is the easier version of Widow and Reaper in one nice present:

Want to do 250 from the other side of the map without any damage reduction?
Yes you can

Want to do 350 of damage in less than 1.5 seconds?
Yes you can

Why bother do a dps that has at least one niche or utility when the developers can do a “all in one hero with weakness that can be counted in a hand”?


Storm arrow shouldn’t exist.
If they are gonna give him a fan the hammer it should be weak like Ashe and Widow’s rapid fire, not a better version than launch Mccree’s fth.

Like Mccree’s old broken fth was 70x6 and it was nerfed, but Hanzo’s is 70x5 but can headshot and has no spread.


The only thing that bothers me about Hanzo (and i play Hanzo from time to time), is that he has wall hacks every 6 seconds available.
I been killed many times be the enemy Doom, Tracer, etc, and in the replay its because of the Hanzo showing them where the enemy is every 6 seconds.


Stop crying on the forums for 24 hours challenge, impossible!!!


You say that like there are other things to talk about other than this game’s horrible balancing


Hanzo is a projectile hero with advanced movement. That’s why he is good: his kit is incredibly skill dependent with inherent counterplay.

Cry some more.


All they have to do is have hanzo’s sonic arrow show that you are detected, like how Sombra can tell if shes visible by wallhack.

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I already beat that challenge, so now I can flood the forums with my tears completely unfettered, Levi.


I mean there isn’t but OP literally makes 7 posts a day about how the universe hates them.

Still though, just the idea of wall hacks every 6 seconds doesn’t rub me right.
That’s like a hero having a short version 76’s aim bot every 6 seconds. Just like Sonic Arrow is a mini version of Widows Ult.

These mechanics are basically cheats in other games.
I can accept it for an ultimate or a long cooldown ability , but every 6 seconds with how the cooldown starts after firing the arrow and it lasts 6 seconds. So when the wallhacks are over , you only have to wait 6 more seconds to use it again.

Bet you don’t remember my previous 2 names even though you are one of the forum OGs.

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You are correct. I had no idea you were an OG. I just thought you really liked jeans… Or Attack on Titan.

I first commented in early 2019 (no idea why it’s bugged I swear I’m not one of the 2020 peasants.)
Smh not knowing me even though you’re like my second most replied to… T.T
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