Need overwatch on mac

need OW on mac
thank you :)))))

Linux would be nice too especially with win10 going to a subscription model.


I never heard of such a thing :open_mouth:

Bootcamp :cold_face:

Oh you didn’t know? I guess it’s still kinda under wraps but it’s happening. This is a thing i’ve been notified of by the server admin of my workplace and it’s the reason why most professional or business systems aren’t moving off XP or 7.

the game is not officially supported on Linux, some players have been able to get the game to operate on certain Linux builds that work like windows. But, this is at your own risk and can be subjected to technical issues which cannot be resolved through Blizzard Support.

Some people get banned using Linux systems unfortunately :C something about false positives on the macro or cheat detection.


This is Windows 12 yea? I heard rumors of it coming this year :thinking:

Bill Warnecke (game developer) actually has talked about Linux

Of course, this was posted 2 years ago, but there position still hasn’t changed since.

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F indeed, and theres no 12. The reason they distributed 10 was so they could move it over to subscription. They didn’t just give out free OS, theres a big catch. I caution anyone with a working 7 machine not to sabotage it.

:confused: if only they didn’t have such a monopoly on the OS industry.

I’m buying a Mac :smiley:

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It’s sad, they really don’t need to do this considering how successful they already are. But yeah if you’re wondering why they gave out the OS, or why it forces updates, or why the updates are bricking computers, it’s so they can create problems and then sell solutions.

I guess we’ll find out on the 30th. :slight_smile: There’s an online conference then.

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I’m pretty sure they’re not pushing universal subscriptions.

From what I’ve read, if you’re a business on Pro, you’ll need to buy a subscription to upgrade to Enterprise or Education (which would be what your IT department warned you about it), as they will no longer be providing large volume licencing.

General use clients (like us) won’t be affected by this.

I could be misinterpreting the MS article, though. It was very jargon heavy.

i mean, microsoft arent idiots, while business pay them most oftheir income, their rep comes from general users, and doing this to general users would put that in the hole

blame apple they sell you low spec computers at rip off prices

You’d be better playing it on a switch.

…Its actually not too terribly awful on Mac…

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