[NEED HELP] Randomized Hero Gauntlet

Hi, so I have and idea for the hero gauntlet game mode - like, as much as I love having to work your way through the hero list, the problem is this: it is the same order every single match. What if you want to mix things up? Say, have 20 heroes per match: out of the full list of 38 heroes, the list is fully randomized from start to finish, so every match, you get a unique list of heroes.

Now of course, I do not have much experience in the workshop. Could you help me out by any chance? If you do have any workshop codes, scripts or else that I can put into my game, thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

Could you provide more infos or details about your concept of Rndomized Hero Gauntlet, like how it should proceed, when a swap to the next hero on the list should happen or does every individual player gets a randomized copy of the hero list or is the hero list global, like everyone starts with the same hero first from that randomized list?

And have you heard of Mystery Hero Gauntlet modes? Aren’t they what you are looking for?

So, would be appreciate to know, so we can provide help, tips and consideration of changes if there are critical parts of implementations.

Edit: In case you want to try my scrabbled prototype of it have a look here 93NB5, you can test it with your friends.

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Thanks for the quick reply! And apologies for my late one too I guess :slight_smile:

So pretty much, the list of heroes is global for the entire match, but every match it is randomized. Everyone starts at the same first hero, and then they all work their way throughout the same hero gauntlet list, but each match, it’s a different one. Different starting hero, different sequence, different ones to play, you know what I mean. Mystery Hero Gauntlet is kinda the same thing, to be honest, too.

rule(“Rule 1”)
Ongoing - Global;

	Global.A = All Heroes;
	Global.A = Randomized Array(Global.A);


This rule runs on game startup, adding the entire array of heroes (all 38) to variable A and then randomizing the order of the array. Should be the simplest form of what you’re looking for, changing the order of the hero list every time the match starts.