[NA/EU][PC][18+]GruntLife Gaming(GLG):Adult Gaming Community

GruntLife Gaming (GLG)
We’re a military veteran owned & operated adult gaming group that’s open to everyone that started from just a couple of military vets messing around gaming to building a decent sized gaming group. We play various games such as EFT, COD, Apex, GrayZone, etc. But we’ve recently taken a huge liking to OW again. I’ve played the game off and on for years and have been playing pretty regularly again with some others! So we’re just trying to find others who simply just want to group up, play OW, and most importantly just have a good time. OW is a growing part of our discord but we believe in time we can make it where people can find others to group up and have a good time easily. Also like I stated above it is an adult gaming community so you don’t have to worry about immature people, that and we work hard to keep the discord clean of any toxic people. If you’re interested I’ll leave a link to us and we hope to see you around soon. Take care.

GLG Discord: discord.gg/gruntlifegaming


Amazing community, always people to play with!

Great group to game with, always a good time. Everyone is super friendly and fun to play with.

Hop in, select roles to unlock chats, and start playing. Super simple.

All these years and still the best place around!

Still always looking for more people to run games with on OW2. Feel free to hop in with sometime!