[NA][3300-3500 SR] Looking for people to play role queue with for funsies~

I recently started playing competitively again and I absolutely love it (I always had). This is because I found competent support main to duo with; however, I still wish to find some nice players to make a group with for funsies~ :heart: Duoing is fun, but playing with randoms is not.

We are currently in the 3300 range and would love it if we can find some players in that range or higher~ :heart:

Supports I can play : Brigitte, Lucio, and Moira (Mostly Mercy~ :heart:)
Supports my friend can play : Baptiste, Lucio, Moira, and Zen (Mostly Ana~ :heart:)

We are simply looking for people to have some fun and play role queue with. If you are tryhards even better but don’t get toxic after a few losses!

My BattleTag is TearyEyes#1785 , you can add me there or message me here if interested.