[NA West] [PC] Gold Duo LF people to make a trio or stack

Hello, me and my duo are looking for other people who flex or main specific roles. We only play role queue. Ideally, we form a trio but think a full stack is most optimal so if you have 1-2 friends of similar skill, that’s great. We are both early 30’s males who play most days of the week between 5PM-9PM PST. Depends on how matches are going.

We both peaked Plat in OW1 many seasons ago and stopped playing comp for the most part after de-ranking while trying to play with friends of a friend who were new with almost no prior FPS gaming (mistakes were made). We play/played a lot of TDM where we learned to play every character, some better than others. We have between 1000-1200h each.

So, we hope to climb back to plat before the season ends and go beyond, with you, to Diamond+ over the next few seasons. We’re currently mid gold on what we have placed after initially placing low-mid silver. What we don’t have placed will likely be high silver/low gold based on how people are playing in our games w/ the leavers and throwers.

With a solid trio or stack, should be relatively easy to get back to plat. We are looking for people who can play with us long term/reliable. Just PM me in the forums if interested; We can do intros, share discord info, and then coordinate to play a few unranked games to see if there’s chemistry. Your race/gender/orientation etc is a non-issue. Preferably people near mid 20’s or older as a similar level of maturity would be better. Thank you.

Gold 2 dps, Gold 3 Tank, Plat 1 Healer

Was mid diamond im ow1

you can inv anytime if im online


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Support main gold 5 was high gold (peaked plat season 35) in ow1


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I’ll message both of you in a few hours. approx 5:30PM PST. Thank you for replying.

hey there gold flex player here looking to rank up. Im on west servers as well. Wickerman406#1996

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I’ll send you a friend request as well!! Hopefully we can all play together as a full stack!

Gold 2 support, silver something tank. I main support, but am a good tank too. solaris32#1911 I’m on right now.

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Sordan#1145 located in San Antonio, TX so not sure if I’m on NA West or East. Currently Gold/Plat, Diamond in OW1

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Hey, I’m currently Gold 1 about to be Plat, and I mainly main tank and dps (mostly tank). Peaked Top 500 in the past and looking to hopefully make it back. In game name is Toastiest Bag, discord is (Ed Boi#2198) hopefully we have the chemistry for competitive gaming together.

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Yo, I’m West/CA can flex. Gold/Plat peaked Dia. Hit me up MightyBeast#1360643

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I’m also in my early 30s and wouldn’t mind runnin it with you guys sometime. I mostly play DPS/Support. Masters 5 Support; Plat 4 DPS. I also have a small community of other players you might be able to run with for ranked. We also host PUGs every now and then too if that’s of any interest. Your windows of time are amazing since I’m also in PT. Discord - Skywen#2177

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ay I just started using this forum idk how to pm you but I’m Novakane#1440 IG. 31 y/o and I’m looking for some people to rank with as well. Add me or message me or something so we can link up.

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main support here my rank is bronze but my stats say much different then that of a bronze im a good healer and im willing to give it my all every time. Hopefully you can consider my post and we can try things out!